Toyota artificial intelligence accelerates battery material innovation

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

As new energy vehicle models become more abundant in the market, the homogeneity among various models is relatively improved. Therefore, if automakers want to win this wave of vehicle innovation, it is quite important to seek breakthroughs in battery technology. Valuable focus. Toyota recently announced that it will invest 35 million U.S. dollars to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to accelerate the development of new-generation energy materials in an industry-university cooperation model to maintain its leading position in the field of energy vehicles.

This four-year research project will combine the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, State University of New York Buffalo The research momentum of the branch campus, the University of Connecticut and the material technology company Ilika. Toyota will use artificial intelligence technology as the basis for development, and through this accelerated calculation method, it will assist in the scientific innovation of materials, and will give birth to more advanced battery materials and fuel cell products, which will be the source of power for future new energy vehicles. Realize the advantages of zero emission of pure battery vehicles or carbon neutrality of fuel cell vehicles.

Under the long-term goal of reducing the global carbon dioxide emissions of new cars by 90% by 2050, seeking a breakthrough in battery technology has become one of Toyota's most important issues. In the process of searching for more energy-saving and cost-effective materials, the use of artificial intelligence computing methods composed of database and machine learning technology will enable faster material modeling, and the introduction of virtual testing phases, which can be more parallel The calculation method is used to simultaneously launch various material development projects, which is expected to greatly shorten the research and development process that took decades in the past.

To install Toyota's plan, the research direction will include the development of new batteries and fuel cell materials, and to open up new horizons in the use of artificial intelligence and materials science, and at the same time strengthen the brand's dominant position in related fields. In addition, Toyota Research Institute will simultaneously develop established plans such as autonomous driving technology and human-vehicle interoperability interfaces, which will become the main driver of human travel in the next phase.

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