toshiba laptop battery packs recalled

by:CTECHi     2020-03-19
Toshiba voluntarily recalled the potentially dangerous battery pack installed in its 39 laptops.
According to the company, the battery pack manufactured by Panasonic may overheat and cause burns and fire hazards.
The recall included models of Toshiba Mini notebooks, Satellite Pro and Tecra series PCs.
Any laptop purchased between June 2011 and January 2016 may be affected.
Toshiba provides a utility through its battery replacement program that you can download and use to determine if the recalled battery pack is inside the device.
If so, the company will replace it for free.
If you do not want to install this utility you can search for the part number and serial number on the product information tab on the laptop bottom cover, and then enter the information on Toshiba\'s battery replacement page.
To search manually, look for the complete list of numbers here.
Toshiba recommends that you \"remove the battery pack immediately\" and use the AC adapter to power the device before receiving the replacement battery.
For more information, please call 866-224-
1346 communicate with Toshiba\'s customer support department.
Toshiba recently sold its consumer electronics division to Midea, a Chinese home appliance maker, which said it would continue to fulfill its warranty obligations and provide repair services.
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