Tork T6X: India\'s first electric motorcycle unveiled

by:CTECHi     2020-04-03
With increased pollution and increasing global attention to it, many automakers are starting to focus on electric vehicles.
In addition, it can be seen that the number of new electric vehicle manufacturers in international and India has surged recently.
Tork Motor, based in Pune, is such a manufacturer. The home-
The growing startup has conducted extensive research and development over seven years to develop \"6 x \".
Motorcycles can easily become the first electric motorcycle in India, a big step towards solving the problem of future mobility in the country\'s urban areas.
Whether from the first glance or from the first glance, the appearance of the T6 X is no different from that of an internal combustion engine motorcycle.
However, looking at the details for a while, you will definitely appreciate its futuristic style and avant-garde design.
Because the bike is a whole car.
Unlike a motorcycle using an internal combustion engine, the motor is its only moving part.
Tork claims that this helps the bike reach an excellent NVH level, so it\'s not that tired to ride a bike.
In addition, it has less wear compared to gasoline power peers in the same period.
The electric motor of the T6 X draws power from lithium
Ion battery stack.
In fact, it can also reach the highest speed of 100 km/h, which may make it the fastest electric 2.
Wheeler in India
In addition, the battery pack can last 100 km at a full time, which is not bad for the beginning.
In addition, it is said that the battery life of the T6 x is between 80,000 and 000 km.
Tork Motors Ltd. kapil Shelke, founder and director, said at the Tork T6 X conference, \"investment in smart technology, our racing pedigree and experience in electric vehicles have enabled us to refine and enhance our overall value proposition through the T6 X.
Perfectly designed to drive the train with a torque of 27NM and a weight of less than 130 with custom
While providing the pure pleasure of driving, components that attract the sensitivity of urban design are created.
Our signature TIROS smart system powers the power supply for the T6 X, which will allow riders to easily switch between custom ride modes and adjust the power supply.
Motorcycles can be adjusted anywhere, from the maverick of sports to the comfort of environmental protection
One button, cruiser.
TIROS also automatically updates and integrates new features through the cloud, making Tork T6 X the smartest motorcycle on the road.
The list of features on the Tork T6 X includes on-board navigation systems, storage space, cloud connectivity, and full digital display.
In addition, a cam communicates with the bike by installing the company\'s app on his/her smartphone and gets updates on vehicle health, mileage and service alerts, and can also customize the ride
It perfectly manages the power of the motorcycle by testing TIROS (Tork intuitive response operating system.
6 x also has many security features to make your journey safer, such as ABS, CDS,-theft, geo-
Fencing and daytime running lights (DRL ).
In the first phase, Tork will launch the T6 X in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi in three colors available for booking.
In addition to launching a very profitable bike that sells for Rs 1.
25 lakh, the company also plans to set up several charging stations
Electronics Market in India.
In the process of building a strong charging infrastructure, the company has installed six charging points in Pune and plans to increase the number to 100 by the end of 2017.
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