Top Six Samsung Exclaim Accessories

by:CTECHi     2019-11-28
Samsung® (OEM)
Samsung Exclaim\'s 960 mAh lithium ion standard battery (4 out of 5)
If you are planning a long trip, you will not be able to reach the power outlet for a period of time, or you will often have a power outage, even just to be ready, you should always support me
Battery is added to your Samsung Exclaim accessories.
The Samsung lithium battery outside this amount will provide you with additional call time and phone usage to ensure that you will not delay because the battery is dead.
You can buy Samsung\'s Exclaim lithium ion standard battery for just $19. 95. Sprint® (OEM)Battery Boost-
Portable battery pack with micro SD card reader for Samsung Exclaim (5 out of 5)
Whether or not you decide to make the extra battery a member of your Samsung Exclaim accessory, this particular accessory is a must --have.
This is a battery booster that functions as an extra hour of use for your Samsung Exclaim phone, your Bluetooth headset, and even some of your USB plug-and-play devices.
In addition, this battery booster also works as a micro SD card reader so you can store digital media on the SD card and have the ability to use it when needed.
The battery booster is easy to maintain as all you need to do is charge it on the USB port on your computer or even on the car.
You can charge with the battery
A portable battery pack for only $37. 95.
Parrot®Minikit Smart Bluetooth car kit launched by Samsung (5 out of 5)
If you\'re looking for help
You may be free to communicate, so the parrot mini kit is for you.
This is an adjustable Bluetooth device that allows you to use Samsung\'s navigation system like you do with PND (
Personal navigation equipment.
It has easy-to-use speech recognition and you can even use Minikit to charge your phone.
It is equipped with dual call management, voice synthesis of the phone book name, and will automatically synchronize the phone book for you.
In addition, the built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation features ensure that you can have a good conversation.
Samsung bought the Parrot Mini Kit for $118. 95.
Celtic®Samsung\'s Micro USB retractable car charger (4 out of 5)
Any retractable charger is always a godsend, especially when you are in an environment where you have to avoid tripping the wires.
The compact, ergonomic design of this Samsung Exclaim car charger with retractable wires is essential
Amazing accessories with Samsung.
Charging Samsung Exclaim in your car via a lighter plug, if you want to use it when your phone plugs in or takes back the cable, extend the cable to prevent the phone and wires from getting out of the way.
You can get a retractable Cellet Micro USB Samsung Exclaim charger for just $9. 95.
Samsung Exclaim\'s SanDisk 8 gb universal MicroSD mobile memory kit (5 out of 5)
No matter how much memory our phone is equipped with, it\'s not enough for all the media items we want to add.
We always get more music, more videos, more photos, and sometimes we even store one or two files.
This micro SD memory kit for Samsung Exclaim provides you with an extra 8 gb of memory, and the kit is equipped with adapters for SD, Micro SD and micro SD slot devices.
So you can easily transfer items from any other SD source to your phone.
For only $24, you can purchase the SanDisk 8 gb universal MicroSD Samsung Exclaim memory kit. 95.
DISPLEX scratch remover and lens polishing Samsung Marvel (5 out of 5)
While we often buy a box for our phone in the first example of buying a phone, we will start to notice scratches at some point.
If you find a slight scratch on your Samsung Exclaim phone, then it\'s time for you to add a Displex scratch remover and lens polish to your Samsung Exclaim accessories list
You just have to add a little bit of confusion to the surface of the screen and then polish these scratches and flaws.
For the best results, however, it is recommended that you use Displex with Amzer\'s cleaning cloth.
Get your own Displex defacing agent and lens polishing tube for just $5.
95 if you are interested, you can also get 4 packs of Amzer cleaning cloth for $3. 95.
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