Toddler severely injured after swallowing button battery makes remarkable recovery

by:CTECHi     2019-12-03
A toddler in kangzhou facing life
Since he was discharged from the hospital, he swallowed the button battery and threatened to say he was injured, which allowed him to learn to walk and talk again.
David Cameron, who spent more than two months at Connecticut Children\'s Hospital, was called a \"miracle\" by his parents \". The 18-month-
In December, the old mother Marissa noticed for the first time that her son looked uncomfortable while playing with toys.
She took him to the local emergency room where he began to spit and vomit. An X-
According to Fox 61, ray revealed he swallowed a toy battery.
\"I started screaming when they told me it looked like a button battery because I knew it,\" she said . \".
The boy was taken to the Connecticut Children\'s Hospital where the surgeon took out the battery and he was intubated for more than two months.
The family said they prayed by his bed every day.
As he recovered, he lost his ability to eat, walk and speak and still relied on a tram to help him breathe.
When he is developing to catch up with his peers, the doctor does not know if trach will exist permanently.
The family is sharing their story in hopes of warning other parents of the danger of having button batteries at home.
\"It\'s hard to keep revisiting the same moment, but it\'s very dangerous,\" Soto told Fox 61 . \".
\"If we knew, we wouldn\'t have any toys with these batteries in our house.
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