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by:CTECHi     2020-01-04
According to US media reportsS.
The Energy Information Administration says Americans will have to dig deeper into their wallets this winter to keep their homes warm.
Compared with last winter, bills for more than half of households using natural gas for heating in the United States could rise by 48%.
Part of the reason is the disruption of gas supplies caused by Hurricane Katrina and Rita.
As the main heat source in northeast China, the cost of heating oil is expected to increase by about 32%.
Households using electricity for heating are expected to increase by about 5%.
However, a small amount of investment can be made on some projects to reduce heating costs.
Danny Lipford, a contributor to The Early Show and host of \"homeowner today\", provided advice.
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Putin meets with weather stripping to help seal the outer envelope of your home and make sure the door has enough weather stripping.
To find out if you need to peel off the weather on any door at home, close the door and look for any visible light around the door.
If you can see the light, you \'d better invest in some weather stripping.
Increased weather stripping can save up to 10% of your heating bill.
Cost: ranging from $3 to $15, there are various small cracks around windows, hoses and doors that allow cold air to penetrate into the home, resulting in more expensive efforts to maintain a comfortable temperature at home.
Sealing these cracks with external caulking or foam will make it easier and cheaper for you to warm up in winter.
If you apply the caulking properly and apply it to all cracks, gaps and holes, you can save up to $100.
Cost: $3 to $10 per tubeInsulation. The most effective way to save on heating is to make sure you have enough loft insulation.
As the warm air rises, your heating bill actually goes through the roof if you don\'t have enough heating.
To determine if you have enough loft insulation, check that your existing insulation covers the ceiling pallet.
If not, invest in additional insulation.
In the long run, this investment can save you up to 30% of heating costs.
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58/compact fluorescent bulbs per square foot consider using more efficient bulbs such as compact fluorescent bulbs.
You can get the same light output with less energy consumption.
According to Doe, if you replace all the bulbs with energy
Efficient lighting equipment, you can reduce the lighting cost by half.
The basic spiral bulb costs $2.
Each bulb reflects light bulbs ranging from $50 to $8, from $6 to $12 per bulb. Outdoor bulbs range from $7 to $10 per bulb. The installation of programmable thermostats can reduce energy consumption.
The new touch screen thermostat makes programming easier.
Installation of one can save about 10% of heating costs.
Featured Product: Rite Temp cost: $40 tank-free water heater saves up to 70% of your hot water heating cost as you do not heat water 24 hours a day like a traditional water heater.
Once the tap is turned on, the device will start and heat the water immediately, then turn off when the tap is turned off.
Another benefit of using this system is that there is no equipment in the home to take up space because it is installed on the outside of the house.
Also, there is no risk of leakage in your home.
Featured products: Rinnai selling price: $900 ceiling fan with heater in order to keep your room warm, consider installing ceiling fan with heater.
In this model, the integrated LED constant temperature remote control operates heating elements, fans and lighting kits to reach the temperature you want.
Two other energies
Including energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.
Featured products: Hampton Bay Cost: $359 in addition to investing in some of the above projects, there are many simple habits that you can change or modify in your life to save energy.
Try some of them: turn the water heater down to 120 degrees and only run the fully loaded dishwasher/washing machine, when opening the curtain is not used on sunny days, keep Heat down close fireplace baffles small changes and small investments can save you money in the long run.
For more information, please visit the Energy pig. org.
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