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by:CTECHi     2020-01-13
What is the best way to maximize iPad battery, mobile phone battery life?
Should you let the battery fully run out before charging, or should you recharge the remaining half?
And, if you don\'t use your electronics, will you plug it in and charge it when it\'s not in use? Extending the battery life of any gadget is like a game.
You \'ve modified a range of settings on your device so you can get a good compromise between a longer battery life and turning on the features you like.
Fortunately, the iPad already has a good 10-
Thanks to its size and Apple\'s ability to take advantage of every bit of extra space inside the chassis, the battery charges for a long time.
But before you start losing important features, 10 hours is about the maximum time you can get.
This number will start to drop when you start adjusting the settings to support more features.
Here\'s where to look in settings to maximize battery life. -
Bluetooth: this is a wireless connection for devices like headphones or keyboards.
If you do not use any of them, turn off the Bluetooth settings.
When it turns on, it leaks battery power even if you don\'t use it. -
Notifications: your smartphone and iPad can notify you via various alerts.
But having them on can take up battery life as it ping the server constantly to see if there is a reminder.
View these notifications one by one for each application and close unwanted notifications. -
4g lte: the phone and iPad also have a wireless data connection called 4g lte, which you can use if you are not in the range of WiFi hotspots.
However, 4g LTE takes up more battery power than a slower, older 3g connection.
Fortunately, there is a switch that turns off LTE.
Turn it off if you are always in WiFi range. -
Location services: This feature is used by many applications that use the built-inIn the GPS receiver
Let\'s say you have an app that tells you what movies are playing in your area.
To know what theater is near you, it has to figure out where you are currently.
But these features use battery power because they often use GPS receivers.
On the iPad, go to Settings, then go to privacy, then go to location services to turn it on and off for each app. -
Email: you can adjust your email settings to prevent the device from automatically pushing emails to your phone or iPad.
You can also tell it that the frequency of getting your email from the server is reduced only if you manually check your email. -
Screen brightness: this is where most of your battery consumption may come from.
The brighter the screen, the more battery power is used.
Many devices have automatic
Brightness function, adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient room light.
But if you really want to save power, turn off the power and reduce the brightness to an acceptable level. -
Software updates: software engineers who write operating system code for these devices spend a lot of time optimizing their operating systems so that there is less and less battery power.
So always keep the device operating system up to date to make sure it\'s using the optimized version. -
Charging: in terms of charging your device, they all use lithium-
Ion battery technology allows you to recharge them without having to wait until they are completely exhausted.
However, because rechargeable batteries use a memory system to remember when they are fully charged, when they are completely exhausted, fully charge your device, and then use it until the battery is completely dead every month, this is a good idea to extend the overall life of the battery.
Finally, I have read two arguments about whether the device can remain plugged in after it is fully charged.
Considering the life of lithium
Ion batteries (about two to three years under normal use), doing so seems to have a negligible impact on the life of the battery.
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