ti enables greater system reliability in hybrid and electric vehicles with highly accurate monitoring and protection

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Tea can improve system reliability of mixed power and electric vehicles height accurate monitoring and protectionnew reference design and simulation integrated circuit provide security tomaximize drive timepr newswiredallas May 1, 2019 DALLAS May 1, 2019/PRNewswire /--
Texas Instruments (TI)(NASDAQ: TXN)
A fully tested reference design for battery management and traction inverter systems is presented today, as well as new analog circuits with advanced monitoring and protection capabilities to help reduce CO2 emissions and make hybrid electricHEV/EVs)
Driving farther and farther.
TI achieves higher system reliability in hybrid and electric vehicles, with highly accurate monitoring and listing protection speed, while achieving more accurate battery monitoring
TI\'s new battery management system series battery monitoring circuit (BMS)
Advanced q3 79606a for reference design-
Q1precision battery monitor and weighing apparatus.
Engineers can quickly bring their automatic designs to market using the reference design, which implements battery monitors in daisy chain configuration for three-to 378-series, 12-V up to 1. 5 kVlithium-
Battery pack.
Highly integrated q1 79606a-
Q1 accurately monitors temperature and voltage, helping to maximize battery life and time on the road.
In addition,
Q1 battery monitor with safety features
Help system designers to meet Level D of vehicle safety integrity (ASIL D)
This is the highest functional safety target set by the ISO 26262 Road Vehicle Standard.
Reliable thermal management of the traction inverter system filters so many kilowatts of power through the traction inverters and batteries of electric vehicles, and high temperatures can damage expensive and sensitive powertrain elements.
Good thermal management of the system is critical to vehicle performance and the protection of drivers and passengers.
Protection of powertrain systems such as 48-
TI launched a tm235-V starter generator
Q1 precision analog output temperature sensor. This low-power, low-quiescent-current (9-µA)
High precision equipment (±0.
The typical temperature is 5 °c, ± 2.
In the entire operating temperature range, the maximum accuracy of 5 °C is from-40°C to 150°C)
Help the traction inverter system to respond to temperature fluctuations and apply appropriate thermal management techniques.
Provide advanced protection without sacrificing the space of the traction inverter system
Q1 temperature sensing devices join the recently released releasedUCC21710-Q1 and UCC21732-
Q1 gate drivers that help designers create smaller, more efficient traction-
Inverter design.
These devices are the first integrated insulation-
Gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs)
And sic (SiC)field-
Effect transistor, to achieve higher system reliability in applications running up to 1. 5kV[RMS]
Excellent isolation surge protection with over 12.
8 kV with isolation voltage of 5. 7 kV.
These devices also provide a quick detection time to prevent over-current events while ensuring the system is safely shut down.
12-directly from a car-
TI has released a new reference design showing three types of IGBT/SiCbias-
Power options for the traction inverter power stage.
Design includes reverse-
Polarity protection, electric-
Transient clamping and passingandunder-
Voltage protection circuit.
Compact design includes newLM5180-
Q1, 100 V, 1 a synchronous step-
Very low down inverter
Typical standby static current.
Product packaging, availability and pricing-
The TI store now has production samples.
Table list and package type.
Type of product packaging (1,000-
Number of units)BQ79606A-Q1 48-pin, 9-mm-by-9-
HTQP package for $5. 49TMP235-Q1 5-pin, 2-mm-by-1. 25-mm SC-
$0 package 73. 18LM5180-Q1 8-pin, 4-mm-by-
$3 for 4mm WSON package. 86UCC21710-Q1 16-
Small plastic pin-
Outline of integrated circuits (SOIC)US$4. 00UCC21732-Q1 16-
Pin plastic SOIC $4.
00 learn more about TI\'s extensive reference design and integrated circuits across power systems at TI. com/EV.
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Embedded processor.
By using the smartest minds in the world, TI has created innovations that shape the future of technology.
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