this power bank has enough juice for up to four devices

by:CTECHi     2020-03-21
If you have a smartphone, you will most likely have an electric bank.
There is still a lot to be improved on smartphone batteries, and the reliability of laptop batteries is getting lower as you get older.
However, carrying multiple power groups for multiple devices adds unwanted weight to your backpack or briefcase.
AlsterPlus: SuperPowerful USB-
C The battery pack hub has four ports to keep all your gadgets ready.
This Kickstarter-
The funded battery pack has an impressive 27,000 charging power.
It has two quick
Charging the USB port plus two 100 w usb-C ports.
One of the ports doubles as a data center-
In addition to powering the device, AlsterPlus can help you synchronize data between devices.
This enables you to manage files without using all your laptop ports.
Press the button to activate hub mode and move songs, photos, videos, etc between different devices.
Once the battery pack with this high power is exhausted, it usually needs to be charged forever.
AlsterPlus is not like this: it reaches 100% in an hour, so it\'s always ready to go when you need it the most.
When AlsterPlus charges your device, you can even charge it.
Just over a pound, this is a lightweight solution to the charging problem.
AlsterPlus: the most powerful USB in the world-
C battery pack hubs usually cost $258, but you can get one now for just $179 (30% off).
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