This Brand New Alexa Speaker From Cavalier Offers Multiple Alarms And Wireless Qi Charging

by:CTECHi     2019-11-30
Last year, I reviewed Alexa\'s rather cute and stylish Knight maverick speakers.
This tall cylinder
The shaped speaker is made of genuine leather and tweed fabric speaker cover, and thanks to the large volume knob on the top, it is a wireless speaker that sounds great with agenuine analog feel.
Now Cavalier has released the second design of the wireless speaker, which has a stylish feel similar to the maverick speaker, but completely different in shape.
Cavalier Air is a bedside wireless speaker with full Alexa functionality and Wi-
Streaming features for Fi and Bluetooth.
Cavalier Air is designed with an inverted ladder, made of genuine leather and smart gray metal plastic on the top, and walnut finish on the bottom.
The front is covered with a black acoustic fabric and the part is hidden behind it is a illuminated digital clock that can be set to show up to six brightness levels and can even be turned off completely.
At the top of the air-
The plate has a knight logo made of rubber strips set on the brown leather surface, which can be placed here if the phone supports Qi wireless charging.
If you do not have such a device, there is a standard USB port at the back that can provide 5 v at a voltage of up to 2.
4A, so you can charge overnight with a normal charging cable.
At the top of the Cavalier Air There are also buttons, alarm buttons, and microphone mute for switching to Bluetooth mode to ensure privacy next to these buttons, with a row of five LED lights that can indicate the volume, it is also possible to indicate the time Alexa is waiting for the answer.
Finally, there are two volume buttons with multiple
There are function buttons in the middle to pause music and switch tracks, and even program to play favorite music sources.
The Knight\'s air is not as luxurious and stylish as its handsome maverick stablemate, but it\'s a bit smart and doesn\'t even have any extra tricks.
Unlike Cavalier Maverick, Cavalier Air is strictly a power source-
So there is no portability.
However, the air does contain a small rechargeable battery that is used to save settings and alarms when the device is not plugged in or powered off.
A pretty big 12 v wall.
The installed brick powers the power supply and it is strictly manufactured for US power outlets, even if the wall Velcro can cope with 100-240 v at 50/60Hz.
Luckily I have the same one
Spec the UK power adapter I am able to use, but if you want to use Knight air in a country with different power outlets, this needs to be remembered.
Perhaps Cavalier can provide a power supply with a swap plug adapter.
In fact, Knight airlines is, to a large extent, an American airline.
By default, the device is designed to use the US version of Alexa and there is no way to change this through the app.
The Cavalier app itself is a very limited piece of software that can disappoint the otherwise good wireless speakers.
Don\'t despair, however, because there is a workaround to turn the air of the Knight into a global player . . . . . . But more in the future.
Setting up Knight air is very simple, all I have to do is plug it into the power outlet and let it start when I download the Knight app, both iOS and Android versions have it.
This app leads me through a whole set
All I need to do is connect it to my home Wi-
The Fi network is only once and then it connects automatically every time I turn it on. Being an Alexa-
When the speaker is enabled, most people may turn it on all the time so that Alexa can issue voice commands.
Still, I prefer the power switch somewhere.
By the way, the Cavalier Air can also be used as a speaker via Bluetooth, so it will become the ideal desktop speaker.
A hardware alert is built into the Knight air that can set up various alerts for you through the app or by having Alexa.
While Alexa will automatically find the right time zone for you where, the clock on Knight airlines shows insisting on setting itself within one of the US time zones from Hawaii to the Atlantic.
If you are anywhere else in the world, the clock will still show you the time according to the US time zone, which is approaching a crazy special level in this globalized era.
This is an issue that Cavalier needs to fix immediately with a firmware update.
Complex programmable alarms can be set up through the Cavalier app, and the alarm can be muted using the capacitive nap function, which means you just need to reach out to touch or touch the unit, you can enjoy another five minutes of delicious sleep.
The app also includes a feature to adjust the lock for Daylight, but for some strange reason this is also limited to the US time zone.
Aerial alerts can be set to wake you up and let you feel the various tones or music sources supported by the Knight app.
Unfortunately, at first glance, the Cavalier app has a bit limited streaming support for Tune-
In Pandora, Audible, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Prime Music, and any Music stored locally on your smartphone.
However, I usually use Tidal music streaming, and although I can play tides from my phone via the Bluetooth streaming feature built into Knight air, I want to go through Wi-
Fi so I won\'t be restricted to using my phone in Bluetooth
The flow distance of the speaker.
Fortunately, however, I happen to already have a wireless speaker app on my iPhone, and have tested several Fabriq Alexa-from me recently-
Speakers were enabled earlier this year.
I launched the Fabriq app, which immediately discovered the Knight Air speakers and provided me with the possibility of streaming tides and Napster, as well as the music services provided by Knight air.
More importantly, the Fabriq app even made me change Alexa\'s voice, so Alexa is now speaking to me with her best English accent, what is this, except for the lack of tidal streams, I hope people in Cavalier will fix this with an updated app, even if it means buying Fabriq\'s own app and repackaging it.
I was lucky to find the Fabriq app and the air of the Knight suddenly turned into Alexa-
Enable speakers that can stream tides or even change sound.
Currently, Alexa is available in both American and British English as well as German and Japanese;
No doubt there will be more languages available in the future, but I am happy to see that I can at least customize Knight air with the same sound as my other Alexa speakers.
By the way, it\'s very easy to use the Alexa app on my phone to link Cavalier Air to my Alexa account, and I\'m quickly used to making voice commands.
I like to challenge Alexa and have her give me strange facts and numbers.
The other night Alexa even told me how many miles the Earth is in diameter.
But her jokes are really bad.
The sound from the Knight\'s air is surprisingly clear by its size, although not as good as the Knight\'s maverick sound, although there are two 20 w stereo speakers and a hidden passive radiator in the air, A bit like a subwoofer.
The tone can be adjusted using the Knight app with treble and bass control, but it is irritating that if you turn it off by disconnecting the power of the Knight air, the app does not remember the settings.
Given that Cavalier Air has spare batteries to memorize the settings, it is a very basic oversight, so I hope Cavalier can correct this in the next firmware release.
Another advantage of Knight aviation is how to combine with other Knight speakers to create a multiroom audio set-up.
You can even set up two speakers in the same room as a left and right stereo pair.
I tried the grouping function and it worked really well, both speakers played synchronously and had a separate or combined volume control.
Knight air can do a lot of smart things, even if the app itself that makes you do smart things is not high.
One feature I want to see on Knight Air is the headphone socket
Night bed listening;
It can be wired, or even Bluetooth output, but anything that will allow the creator to listen to some music without waking up the rest of the house is welcome.
I also want to see an auxiliary 3.
5mm stereo input for connecting any analog device.
I found the Knight\'s air to be a very useful bedside companion and I was hoping to connect it to my larger audio system, just like the Amazon Echo Dot device.
Maybe this is something that Knight needs to consider in any model that will be released in the future.
Conclusion: Alexa of Knight airlines-
Enable the speaker and once I start using it in the Fabriq app it becomes more functional and the music selection is a little better
Streaming service.
Cavalier needs to update the app to make it more generic, global and user --
Friendly, wider range of audio sources.
Knight Airlines is a bit expensive for the current price, but if the price goes down a bit, the app and firmware are also adjusted, which will be a great addition to anyone\'s bedside table or desk
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