they\'re green! all green! well, almost - mini, peugeot, ford, pininfarina and more - paris car show\'s green cars and concepts, part two

by:CTECHi     2020-02-08
This is the green packaging of the 2008 edition of the Paris auto show.
As in yesterday\'s post, we are working on some concepts that may have a chance to see the dawn, and some production cars bode well for the European market, and even for the US market.
We like to show new small cars very much.
When installing a smaller car into a larger \"box\" it is quite easy to \"zoom in\" but it is \"shrinking\" trying to fill 3,500-
A 2,500-pound car.
It\'s really hard, and carmakers in Europe and Asia seem to do better than the three automakers in Detroit.
Ford carnival ECOnetic, a clean, eco-friendly small mass production vehicle, will be available in Europe later this year.
This will be the third Ford economic car after the 139g/km Ford Mondeo economy and the 115g/km Ford Fox economy.
Later in 2009, the American version of the euro Carnival will be launched. (
Ford carnival ECOnetic).
Ford\'s economic modelengine-
Adjustment measures including aerodynamic improvement, low rolling resistance tires, low suspension settings and low suspension settings
Anti-engine lubricants that improve fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Ford\'s second-
The Ka-generation mini-car, which is not currently listed in the United States, will actually emit more carbon dioxide than the larger carnival. The most fuel-
Efficient Ka emits 112 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.
It is made by one. 3-
Diesel engine. The most fuel-
Efficient Fiesta is an economic version driven by 1. 6-
Diesel engine.
Carnival\'s carbon dioxide emissions are 98g/km.
Ford may sell an economic variant of Ka, but there is no release date yet.
Ford will launch three new Ka-customized models in January, making its debut in the European market.
They are relatively green considering their size, mileage and emissions, and we like them because they show the possibility of small car customization, this was done by a large automobile manufacturer with extensive experience in this area. Ka Digital: Hi-
Rising Green is the name of the game with an offset stripe on the top and side of the car and a glow-in-the-
Dark grille.
Inside, equally shocking colors are widely used on dashboards, doors, and seating.
Ka Grand Prix: the traditional red and white racing colors are softer than the green of the digital racing, which cover all the same features of the Grand Prix.
Rear spoiler and white alloy wheels for racing-theme.
Ka tattoo: Ford introduced the Ka tattoo version with a large decal on the roof and a smaller matching tat on the fender.
Metal color and decoration covered inside, tattoo-
Decoration like seating and floor mats.
All three special editions will be high-
Performance Zetec engine and model options;
Pricing has not yet been announced.
Another automaker has proven to know one or two things to separate their small cars from all the others, that is, BMW and their mini-brand.
The cross-border concept presented by Mini in Paris seems to be a vision for the future.
Hope to win the Mini of the Monte Carlo rally again;
When a \"original\" mini, height
In preparation for the competition, which won in 1964, it started a global frenzy about the still-alive Mini.
New Mini Wagon-
Just as Clubman drove the car in a new direction, why not drive the car into the dirt, snow, rain and deep mud of Monte Carlo and other famous rallies?
Since Enzo began making cars of the same name for roads and tracks, Italy\'s pinfarina design studio has designed the style for almost every production Ferrari.
Their latest work is compact, a compact four
Seat hatchback electric car.
Pininfarina, a joint venture with French battery maker bolllore, said they could make the electric vehicles in large quantities.
It is a pleasure to see what this company, which is closely related to sports and racing, can do to complete a very serious task of packaging future power and appearance.
For example, in a 2015-kilometer location in Tokyo, the B0 looks like a home.
So why not in Los Angeles, about 2010?
B0 uses a hybrid energy storage solution consisting of 30-degree lithium
Polymer battery and Super Bankcapacitors.
Although the storage capacity of the capacitors is very limited, they absorb and release energy much faster than the battery.
Limited production will begin later in 2009, and production will increase as the supply and price of batteries increase.
Battery\'s Battery pack claims a service life of 125,000 miles.
A single charge is expected to travel 153 miles at a maximum speed of 80 miles per hour.
What helped expand the range was the solar cells on the roof and on the b0 nose.
We\'re still waiting for more apps.
Conceptually extend the flywheel, a mechanical system used to store energy, rather than a chemical energy storage device called a battery.
F1 must have such a device next season.
Board and operations.
Unlike the hybrid system currently used in production vehicles, Peugeot\'s RC HYmotion4 concept does not have a direct mechanical connection between the electric motor and the gasoline engine drive system.
RC HYmotion4 has a turbocharged 1. 6L four-
218 horsepower and 206-cylinder engine driving rear wheelsft of torque.
The extra push comes from the 70 KW motor located between the front wheels.
RC can operate at any rear, front-or all-wheel-drive modes.
It also uses internal combustion, electricity-
Only or mixed mode. The 3,141-lb four-
Car door coupe accelerated from 0-62 mph (100kmh)
In just four seconds, when two power supplies-Use the manufacturer.
The front axle is equipped with an electric motor, which means that more kinetic energy can be recovered through regenerative braking.
According to Peugeot, the RC can get 52.
Output carbon dioxide emissions are only 109g/km for 3 miles/km.
Peugeot\'s opening line is 163-hp 2. 0L four-
The cylinder turbo diesel engine that powers the front wheel and the 27 KW motor provide torque for the rear shaft.
The combined output of diesel and motor is 200 hp, 221 lbs-
Ft to front wheels and 148-ft to the rear. Front-, rear-and all-wheel-
Driver mode is available. Rear-drive electric-
Only up to 30 miles per hour.
Peugeot said that in order to provide uninterrupted power flow and smoother operation, the motor was started during the transmission shift.
Opening remarks with (cheaper)nickel-
Metal hydrogen battery pack hidden under the back seat.
Opening can do 57. 4 mpg (U. S. )
According to Peugeot, carbon dioxide production is 109g/km.
Prologue looks closer to production as well.
Better than their RC.
In our last blog post, we covered the $250,000 Ferrari California that was officially unveiled in Paris.
We were told the car was sold. out until 2011.
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