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by:CTECHi     2020-02-07
No matter where you hang out, the fun of using portable electronics has one of its drawbacks ---
The battery runs out.
Now there are a lot of players running the video, the loss is more.
This is not a problem in most cases as you can easily charge at home or with a car charger.
But when getting off work on a train or a long plane, most people
Especially when using video, the power supply disappears quickly.
APC Mobile Power Pack UPB10 • Tekkeon TekCharge MP1550 • Sonnet Volta • ChargePod • Griffin PowerDuo Universal, you can view the complete product on the WGA website
Simple but versatile battery back-APC Mobile Power Pack UPB10A
News from APC, a battery expert.
The mobile power pack is about the size of a deck.
In addition to charging your device, it is rated as playing music on the iPod for up to 55 hours or running videos for up to 10 hours. (
Your mileage may vary. )
It\'s not an iPod-
Specific, and any mobile device that can be connected via USB or mini
The B jack plug for mobile power can be used, including the mobile phone--
Although you will need to purchase the right adapter cable if you do not already have it.
Touch a button to show how much is left.
The light shows the length of the running device, and the LED light strip shortens as the battery weakens, giving a fairly accurate view.
Strangely, when charging the battery pack, it is a bit unclear because the light flashes and extends all the way to full-
Charge, it\'s dark at this time and you\'re ready.
The Cable that the mobile power group needs to connect to the player (
Unlike the sonnet Volta you just opened).
This makes it a bit inconvenient to use when walking, but it\'s small enough to fit in your pocket, so unless you don\'t care about the cable hanging, it\'s not a problem.
More importantly, though, you can use the APC battery while listening to your iPod touch or iPhone (
Headphone Jack at the bottom).
You can charge a lithium battery.
There are two ways for a polymer battery: connect the USB cable to your computer, or use a separate charger that comes with the package.
By the way, instead of building its spires
You shoot them down.
While the document is not clearly stated, it shows that you can swap the spires and other sizes if you travel abroad.
The downside is that unlike some of today\'s Chargers, you can\'t fold the pins tightly. (
With the extra cable, you can also use the \"pass-through\" mode --
Allows you to directly turn off the AC current running device through the charger. )
APC Mobile Power Supply Group is a very good-
The built-in device is small in size and easy to carryup power.
Its advantage may be its versatility in charging multiple handheld devices --
While you may need to buy extra wires for some people.
At the time of writing, it retails for $70, but can be found widely around $45.
Tekkeon tekcharge MP1550 from Tekkeon, TekCharge MP1550 provides an interesting twist on familiar devices.
In some ways, it is very similar to APC, but the two are quite different to some extent.
It can be used either as an external power supply or as a charge and can work with most mobile handheld devices-
Ipod, MP3 player, mobile phone, etc. (
The same is true for digital cameras, as long as it can use 5-volt charge. )
But it runs on four AA. batteries.
While some may prefer not to have to buy batteries and constantly replace them, the good thing for others is that if you can\'t charge on the road or you don\'t have an adapter to charge overseas ---
Even your external power runs out. -a battery-
Power Chargers save you time.
Carrying spare batteries or finding them anywhere in the world is not a problem. (
So for those who want the best of both worlds, TekCharge can also charge a rechargeable battery. )
TekCharge also has a great touch--
It is equipped with six adapter pins for many devices including mobile phones and a convenient carrying bag for them.
Also included is a scalable 2-foot cord.
It doesn\'t take long, so if you use it when you\'re out for a walk, you have the option to put it in a pocket that is limited, but the retractor is light, so it shouldn\'t be a big trouble.
On the positive side, this makes its overall portability very compact.
USB interface and mini
B The USB port allows you to make the required connection.
The battery pack made lofty demands.
Its rating is 125 hours of music and 20 hours of video on the iPod classic.
It says that if your phone is running out, it can run the phone for an extra 12 hours of talk time. Or 700 photos.
As usual, it is important to realize that your experience will be different in a perfect world.
There are three clear red lights indicating the remaining battery capacity, so there is no need to guess.
If you charge the charging battery, the charging light at the bottom will update the status.
The Tekcharge is very compact,-
Even a little smaller than APC, a little smaller than a deck ---
Quite light.
It feels plastic, but overall it is strong.
The device retails for $40, but can be found at a very low $20 at the time of writing this report.
Personal preferences will determine whether a person likes air conditioning or not
External Battery for charging or AA-powered one.
But the Tekkeon TekCharge MP1550 offers impressive versatility including adapters, long battery life and severe-low price.
SONNET voltavolta is a rechargeable battery pack for iPod Classic and all iPod models with video (
Although it will also be used with the full iPod family, there are some limitations.
More information later).
It has many advantages, retail price is $50 lower but can be found at less (
Amazon website for $40 when writing)
There is a small problem.
The Volta is durable and simple to use to accommodate an extra 80 hours of music or 16 hours of video.
You may get less, but it\'s still rich for anyone.
Just press the iPod and it will start charging automatically. Easy.
It also comes with a belt clip and a connecting line.
The battery pack itself can be charged using any standard iPod connector cable.
Once ready, it will provide up to three full charges for your iPod. An on-
Off switch control device on the back of the device, LED lights on the front provide charging status.
Just slide the iPod into the dock and everything is ready.
You can use it to charge the iPod independently, then release the device, or keep both connected to the belt clip while using the iPod.
It weighs under 4 pounds so you don\'t want to carry it with you all the time, but it\'s hardly a problem when you do.
Since everything is tightly combined, Volta won\'t add that big size to your iPod-
While it is clearly thicker and heavier when connected, there is no smooth line that people like.
The belt clamp is an important part of the device.
Unless you put the battery pack and iPod in one place separately, they will swing around with them.
This problem can be solved using plastic belt clamps.
In a way, they did it.
But there is controversy.
As mentioned above, any iPod will be charged in Volta-
But only iPod classes or models with videos can be saved in clips.
For example, the Nano or touch is too narrow and the sides are not firm or adjustable.
This does not prevent you from using Volta as a charger for any iPod, it just lets you not use the belt clip with each iPod when charged by Volta.
It is very clear that none of this is a failure because it is not the intention of it ---
The device is specifically marked \"iPod with video \"--
But it does make Volta the perfect charger for the full iPod range.
As for the plastic clip of the model it does fit, the way it works is that you just have to put the iPod and battery pack in and it can hold everything tightly.
The swivel clip on the back allows you to attach everything to the belt.
So your iPod won\'t be protected.
The most notable thing is the screen, but if your iPod is in the case, it may be in an inflexible plastic clip, though it requires some traction.
If you manipulate it very carefully from the top, pull a little (
Be careful not to break the fair-sturdy plastic)
Slide and you can put it in comfortably.
Volta is great if you have an iPod Classic or video model that can fit the belt clip.
The battery pack and clips are solid and impressive.
The battery pack provides great power.
As a charger for other iPod models, it is of lower value, although it is still valuable on the road (
For example, on a plane or as a backup power supply carried in a briefcase)
For emergency charging.
Note that when charging an iPod touch or iPhone with Volta, you can\'t use the headphones because their jacks are at the bottom and are blocked by the base of Volta.
By the way, Sonnet Volta seems to be the twin of the wedding video.
Although the main is slightly different from the accessories: The wedding device comes with a rubber case that allows you to slide any iPod in with the charger;
However, cable lines are not included-
You need to use the wire that comes with the iPod.
I also occasionally have a charge issue with the wedding, but so far Volta (
Even though to be fair, I read a similar comment on the Internet).
The problem is related to LED charging-
The light does not flash normally.
This is a bit uncertain if there is a defect in the charge, or if the light is not on despite the device continuing to work.
Again, it is clear that I personally have not experienced Volta\'s problems.
CHARGEPOD for CALLPODA is a completely different option.
At its core, it\'s just a gray plate.
It looks like a fat cookie or the smallest flying pan in the world.
What\'s unique about the device is that you can charge up to six mobile items at a time (
Ipod, handheld computer, mobile phone, etc)
Only one charger is needed.
For example, if you are traveling, you will no longer need to carry about half of the power brick.
At home, no wires were unwound or empty sockets were found.
Chargepod is around 3 inch.
It works by connecting the charger to the AC socket.
Then insert the adapter into the slot for each device--
The light display slot is now active--
Then connect the adapter to the handheld device.
Depending on the number of adapters you use, the result is that the Chargepod will eventually look like a spoke on the wheel hub.
It works very well when I test it with four devices-
IPod, Pocket PC, APC power battery and Creative Zen MP3 player.
They charge other fees at the same time, and as smooth as possible.
The biggest warning is the price.
You can purchase the Chargepod bundle with six adapters pre-packaged for Apple/iPod, Palm devices, several phones, Sony PSP devices and mini devicesUSB plug.
It comes with a car charger and tote bag that retails for $100.
Or Chargepod is available separately for $50 and you can customize it with any adapter you want.
Unless your needs are exactly the same as in the bundle, this can save you money. (
These are, of course, retail prices.
Through Amazon.
Com, at the time of writing this report, the separate Chargepod was $38 and the adapter was less than $6.
One supplier only sells a full package for $48. )
In future releases, it would be nice if the company produced power brick with folding function
Because the whole package is bulky now.
Depending on the adapter you get, you may also need to bring an iPod cable (
Although these will obviously not add too much volume).
Chargepod is not for all--
Not only because of the cost, but also some people charge only one device at a time.
But for those who have a lot of mobile devices or travel a lot, it is really very beneficial.
When a basic product can be significantly improved, Griffin builds a better mousetrap--
After building a better mousetrap before.
Their very compact PowerBlock charger has always been a personal favorite as it uses a simple power adapter and eliminates an annoying problem with all of these devices while traveling ---the prongs --
Fold them up
They do better for PowerDuo: on all of these chargers, there is a USB slot to connect the cable to your device, which has two.
So, you can now charge two mobile devices at the same time.
Fold the tip on the road.
You can purchase the PowerDuo universal separate (for $25)
, Or bundle it with the PowerJolt GM charger for an extra $10 (
The usual retail price is $15).
While very useful for charging away from home, many car chargers are at risk as a surge in power from the car can damage your device.
But better charger
PowerJolt is one of them)
Have a fuse that will protect you.
If there is a surge, it will only blow up the cheap fuse and replace it easily.
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To view the entire column, visit the WGA website here, including product graphics and other \"TWW notes \".
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