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by:CTECHi     2019-12-31
Of course, as people use more and more portable devices, the demand for portable chargers will also grow exponentially, which is natural.
After all, let a device disappear between your teeth away from home --
Troubles and serious problems will put you in trouble.
But since there are so many incompatible portable devices in the world, how does one deal with the issue of maintaining full power supply?
Many options-
Often highly innovative.
We only talked about a few of them here, in our latest, more portable options that are going on.
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To view this whole column, click here, callpod fueltank Fueltank FUELTANK is from Callpod, which manufactures the device Chargepod of the invention, using proprietary adapter plugs, it can charge six devices at the same time.
Fueltank is based on a similar principle but makes it portable.
You can charge two electronic devices at the same time on the road, using the same plug as the charging box.
It uses two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which, according to the company, have more than seven times the capacity of the phone.
Include an AC adapter to charge the fuel tank, although it can also be charged via the USB port of your computer if you have a standard extension cord (
But this is not recommended by the company).
The very clear display of the indicator lights let you know the status of the charge and you can access it at any time by pressing the button.
The capacity is very large, it can charge your device multiple times before it needs to be rechargedcharged itself.
When the device is charged, the green light will show that when fully charged, the green light will go out.
While this is convenient, there are also minor drawbacks as you may not know if the lights are off because the device stops working or if the plug is off.
Of course, if you are not sure, you can check the capacity status manually at any time.
Fueltank is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or wallet, although it is too big for a shirt pocket.
It weighs about 8 ounces, about 5x3/4 \".
It comes with AC/DC wall plug, pouch bag and miniUSB adapter -
And a free coupon for the adapter of your choice.
A small problem I have here is the same as Chargepod, not related to quality, but more beautiful.
Everything is tightly in the bag.
In addition to the wall, the stopper is bigger than the other plugs, especially the prominent tip.
It would be better to have a thinner AC/DC power block with a pointed head instead of folding, such as a power block from Griffin Technology.
It will make everything more compact.
Fueltank works with thousands of mobile devices and adapters can be purchased on the Callpod website.
Trying to track specific devices that match the correct adapter is a bit complicated-
It\'s not hard, it\'s just so much.
On the other hand, it means that no matter what you use, everything from ipod to mobile phone, digital camera, portable game, MP3 player, and so on should be covered.
Fueltank is an elegant
A product designed by a company that does such things.
It\'s bigger than some other portable devices, but it also offers more charging power, so this extra power will be good for you if you travel around with a lot of devices.
Having to keep track of all adapter plugs is a bit of a hassle, but it\'s a simple reality for all universal chargers.
Unless all the manufacturers in the world are united around a standard plug, there is no other way.
This will not happen.
At the time of writing, the retail price of Callpod Fueltank was $60.
One of the smallest portable chargers for ecosol powerstick is Powerstick, which takes pride in \"green energy\" and has won the CES Best Innovation Award.
About the size of a pack of gum (3 inches)
Very light-
Just an ounce.
And there is no replaceable battery or power adapter, but it is charged by plugging in the USB port on the computer. (
If you don\'t have a computer on the road and need to charge it, you can temporarily drop the green and plug it into the AC wall charger that accepts USB. )
Powerstick also charges a variety of mobile devices using its own proprietary tips --
From ipod to digital camera, PDAS and. . .
Okay, you see.
It comes with nine adapters as a good touch.
This should meet most of the requirements, but check out the website for compatibility.
Ecosol does not sell extra tips.
It charges quite fast (
Between 90 minutes and 2 hours)
, Using a lithium polymer power battery.
To view the remaining power, press the button and bar on the LCD viewing panel.
There\'s a pass-
In addition, with this feature, you can plug the device into the power stick and charge it at the same time.
It\'s really the most powerful thing to do with charging, and you can only partially-
Charge your maximum energyhungry devices.
But the portability of Powerstick is its biggest advantage in an emergency.
Great power-made.
My two biggest doubts about it are that there is no bag with all the tips (
Though it\'s easy for you to find one yourself)
And it\'s not the longest charging time.
But as noted, its advantages are green, the ability to plug in any USB port to charge, and very portable.
At the time of writing, the retail price was $60.
Griffin Technology has always been one of my favorite tech companies.
They make some mistakes occasionally.
But innovation is needed.
In general, their products are very good. Very smart.
The new PowerDuo booking is the right size.
PowerDuo Reserve is a portable power solution for any device that can be charged via a USB connection.
There is no proprietary tip adapter, so there may be some devices that cannot be processed, but most of them will be overwritten.
However, what makes the product unique is the equipment.
Specific solutions for Ipod. It\'s an all-in-
A great bag to do a lot of things.
In a sense, PowerDuo Reserve is a seamless combination of three separate products.
This is a 12-12 AC wall charger
Volt DC car charger and pocket-
Portable battery pack size for Ipod. (And by \"pocket-
\"I mean one.
Third, the size of cigarette packaging. )
It starts with an AC wall charger (
Also sold separately as PowerBlock)-
As mentioned above, this is where you plug in the USB connector to charge, just like most chargers in the Griffin series, it stands out in the competition because its spires are folded up, make it easier (and smaller)
Carry with you.
However, what\'s more different about this wall charger is that it\'s separate itself: when PowerBlock charges your portable device, it\'s also charging your pocket --
The size of the battery pack pops up when needed and is stuck on any iPod connector.
But it\'s just part of the story.
Because 12-
DC car charger (
Also sold separately as PowerJolt)-
It will not only charge any portable device with a USB connection. . . but the pocket-
The size of the battery pack also fits it!
So if you\'re on the road and your battery pack is out of power now, you can charge it with your car charger --
Then pop up again and can now charge your iPod anywhere. (
To be clear, unlike other portable chargers reviewed, the portable battery pack only charges the ipod.
Wall and car chargers do charge a range of devices. )
The portable battery pack that comes with PowerDuo Reserve has the longest charging time, but is respectable.
The company says it will provide up to 24 hours of music and 6 hours of video.
Griffin says the iPhone is talking for two hours.
One of my little arguments about the portable battery pack is that when plugged into the iPod, it only shows its charging capacity. (
A series of lights turned on. )
One problem to know is that when you charge an iPod touch or nano with a portable battery pack, you won\'t be able to listen to them at the same time.
This is because the headphone jack for these two specific ipod is at the bottom and will be covered by the battery pack.
Unfortunately, there is only 1/8 \"overlap on the iPod touch \".
The bad thing is, Griffin didn\'t make it that small.
Apple then first puts the headphone jack at the bottom more \"bad \".
By not using a proprietary tip adapter, PowerDuo Reserve may limit devices that you can charge.
But relying solely on a USB connection also gets rid of the need to carry these tips, so it\'s much simpler as long as your device is covered.
In addition, since many people may already have car chargers in the form of FM transmitters (
In fact, Griffin did one)
And, for them, there\'s also a normal PowerJolt car charger that might be a bit overdone, though it\'s practical to note, as mentioned earlier, you can get the PowerBlock wall charger or the PowerJolt car charger separately.
They become PowerDuo reserves only when they sell together.
At the time of writing, the retail price was $60.
Create a wishlist and if Griffin can come up with a way to make PowerBlock a two-wall charger, what is the ideal of PowerDuo Reserve (
Handle two devices at the same time
Griffin sells one of them)
Make the PowerJolt car charger work as one of the company\'s existing FM transmitters.
This can solve the above problem of excessive killing.
But leaving aside the wish list, PowerDuo Reserve itself does a lot of things.
To view a column with full product graphics and additional \"TWW notes\", visit the WGA website.
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