the u.s. has a battery problem in the race for electric car supremacy

by:CTECHi     2020-01-21
The U. S.
Challenging China\'s dominance in the production and sales of electric vehicles has at least one weak link: most of the raw materials needed to make batteries are dug elsewhere.
Chinese or American. S. -
Companies based in Chile, Australia and Argentina have invested heavily in lithium mining projects, the world\'s most important producers.
But different from America. S.
Chinese companies are also investing domestically, and the Asian country produces almost eight times as much lithium as the United States. S.
A meeting in Washington on May 2 will address the raw material gap, which is expected to attract government officials, automakers, mining companies and consultants to understand the need to streamline the US economyS.
Licensing procedures for new lithium projects and storage procurement.
Eric Norris, president of lithium in North Carolina, said: \"It has been decades since the construction of lithium refining facilities in the United States --\"
Headquartered in Albemarle
The largest mineral producer in the world.
\"As regulators determine the required licenses, potential community impact, etc, it will take time for any new project to be developed.
\"Promoting the production of local raw materials will be the first step in building a rechargeable battery industry that has so far concentrated in Asia. The U. S.
According to BloombergNEF, only about 13% of the global lithium battery capacity is controlled, and it is not expected to grow.
China now controls about two.
BNEF predicts that the industry\'s third-largest industry will grow to about 73% by 2021.
This difference has already emerged in sales.
About half of the world\'s electric vehicles are sold in China, and that number is rising.
According to BNEF, sales in 2018 were up 150% from the previous year.
\"Without a safe supply of several key raw materials, you can\'t make a battery pack for half a million electric vehicles,\" said battery maker Chris Berry.
Metal analyst at House Mountain Partners. \"If the U. S.
Due to the lag of lithium or cathode capacity construction, its supply chain vitality and competition around the theme of new energy is at risk.
China Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Industry Co. , Ltd. acquired 37.
5%. Cauchari-
The Olaroz lithium project in Argentina will begin production in 2021.
Tianqi Lithium company
Paid $4 billion for the 24% stake in Soc.
Quimica & Minera de Chile of Chile and the same company are part of the Talison joint venture, which controls Australia\'s huge greenbushes\' lithium mine.
From Teslas to energy storage to the iphone, the metals needed to make rechargeable batteries include graphite, manganese, nickel, cobalt and lithium. The U. S.
According to US data, at least half of the metal demand is importedS.
Geological Survey.
This week\'s meeting in Washington was hosted by Benchmark Mineral, an industry consultant focused on lithium
Ion battery supply chain
In the testimony before the United StatesS.
On February, Simon Morse, the company\'s leader, warned in Congress that,S.
The current role in the supply chain has been \"copied\" by China \".
Moores confirmed the meeting in an email.
The company said Albemarle would send a representative to attend the meeting in Washington.
\"There is no reason why companies cannot raise money in the United States to build and operate lithium minesS,\" Berry said.
\"The licensing process in the US may be a little longer than in the rest of the world, but because of this focus on sustainability and transparency in the supply chain, environmental protection is a must.
\"But as demand for lithium will grow from more than 300,000 tons per year to 10 tons in 2025, mining companies need to grow rapidly and they prefer to do so in jurisdictions they are familiar.
Abbott, the only one producing lithium in the United States. S.
In a written response to the question, the company is focusing on expanding its existing operations in Australia and Chile.
Norris of Albemarle said it is too early to comment on the feasibility or timing of the Silver Peak expansion, a mine that produces 6,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year.
The company completed an exploration project at a Hard Rock site in Kings Hill, but Norris called it a long-term project
In the early stages of the assessment, regular assets.
The United States is not expected to start producing lithium ore. S.
According to Christopher Perrella, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence chemicals, no mass production of lithium will hit the global market in the next three years.
Nevertheless, some primary mining companies still hope to build new mines in the medium and long term. Vancouver-
The US-based lithium company hopes to get approval for the Thacker Pass project in Nevada in 2020.
The initial annual output of the mine can be 30,000 tons, and if the company can raise the $0. 581 billion needed to build the mine, construction of the mine may begin next year.
\"The challenge is to build it quickly and attract capital,\" said Jonathan Evans, COO . \".
\"If you look at three to five years from now, the market for electric cars and fixed batteries will really grow, so investing now is the key.
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