The trend of the front homogenization process of power lithium battery

by:CTECHi     2021-10-03
On the eve of the explosion of the global new energy industry, power lithium battery manufacturing moved from GWh to TWh. Intelligent, efficient, flexible, and energy-saving production of high-quality, high-safety, and high-consistency products has become an urgent need for power lithium battery companies to upgrade their manufacturing at this stage. need. From December 16th to 18th, [Li Yuanheng General Title] 2020 High-tech Lithium Electric Vehicle Annual Conference was grandly opened at the Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen Airport. Nearly 1,000 senior executives from the power lithium battery industry chain gathered to talk about the future. New industrial blueprint for ten years. In the new material and new structure special session titled by Suda Huicheng, Li Wanli, general manager of Lizard, delivered a keynote speech entitled 'Trend analysis of the front-end homogenization process of power lithium batteries' to study and judge the latest trend of the homogenization process. Homogenization is a key medium in the production process of lithium-ion batteries. It mixes active materials, adhesives and conductive agents into a suspension. The main methods used are wet homogenization, dry homogenization and twin screw Homogenate. Global electrification is advancing, the demand for power lithium batteries has greatly increased, and intelligent and modular manufacturing is already on the way. However, the industry still has pain points such as long mixing time, uneven mixing, large energy consumption, large footprint, and troublesome cleaning. Li Wanli believes that the front-end production lines of the head power lithium battery company have begun to take shape, and traditional processes and equipment can no longer meet their needs. These head companies have begun to try to introduce new processes and equipment. The homogenization intelligent control system with high efficiency, low power consumption and small space has become the first choice of power lithium battery head companies. At the same time, as new materials are getting finer and thinner, and nanotechnology is becoming more popular, power lithium battery factories have begun to use high-speed dispersion equipment to make the slurry dispersion more uniform. At present, there are two important types of high-speed dispersion, one is thin-film high-speed dispersion equipment, and the other is stator-rotor centrifugal high-speed dispersion. Based on this, the large lizard high-speed dispersing machine adopts an upright cavity structure, and the slurry can all enter the dispersion cavity without dead ends. According to Li Wanli, all contact materials are made of stainless steel. The smooth inner surface prevents particle damage. The frequency of energy transmitted to the slurry is high, but it will not damage the material. It is easy to clean by itself, and it is also convenient to clean thoroughly. It eliminates the need for refueling. The occurrence of material contamination has a long running time, is not easy to cause eccentricity of the shaft, is simple to clean and disassemble, easy to replace, and simple to operate, with high efficiency. In addition, the large lizard TUATARA lithium-ion battery pulping system batching conveying mixing system is used in the front-end process of the coating machine such as the powder and liquid material feeding, conveying and mixing of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. Li Wanli emphasized that the pre-mixing system unique to the big lizard industry, that is, the powder is automatically transported in, and the slurry is circulated between the two tanks through high-speed premixing, and the slurry is directly prepared in the continuous cycle. The consistency of the whole batch is good, and the product accuracy can be controlled well, and the conveying volume can be adjusted according to the output size. At the end of the speech, Li Wanli pointed out that Big Lizard Intelligence has always adhered to the concept of “German quality, intelligently made in my country”, grasped excellent technology, controlled the door of quality, and allowed industrial forces with German descent to serve my country's new energy companies.
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