The solution after the mobile phone battery starts to protect

by:CTECHi     2021-08-07

Now is the information age. Today, with the development of technology and communication, mobile phones are commonly used as an indispensable communication tool for everyone (there is a saying that no one can live, just can’t live without mobile phones) Importance in people’s lives. The mobile phone is something we carry with us, and its safety is more and more valued by people. No one wants to carry a time bomb with us! Therefore, the lithium battery protection board has attracted people's attention at this time. As the name suggests, the lithium battery protection board is mainly for the integrated circuit board that is rechargeable (usually refers to the lithium battery) for protection. The reason why lithium battery (rechargeable type) needs protection is determined by its own characteristics. So today, the Chinese Chuangfa will take a look at the solution after the mobile phone battery protection is activated.

1. Use the original direct charge to charge the phone directly, which will automatically open the protection circuit of the battery protection board.

2. Instantly short-circuit the positive and negative poles of the battery, and you can see sparks on the electrodes. Try a few more times, and then use direct charging.

3. Find a 5V direct current, lightly touch the positive and negative poles of the battery with the positive and negative poles, try several times, and then use the original charger to charge.

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