The number of lithium iron phosphate batteries supporting more than half of the market sentiment is low for lithium and cobalt salts

by:CTECHi     2021-07-26

Battery terminal market

On March 8, the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China released the second batch of 2019 'New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application Recommended Model CatalogAmong them, there are a total of 83 pure electric products and only one plug-in hybrid power product. From the perspective of battery technology, there are 49 types of lithium iron phosphate batteries, accounting for 58%; 31 types of ternary batteries, accounting for 37%; 3 types of lithium manganate batteries, and 1 type of multi-element composite lithium batteries. This time, in terms of special vehicles, the number of lithium iron phosphate batteries is twice that of ternary batteries, which is why the proportion of lithium iron phosphate batteries in this batch of catalogues is relatively high.

Upstream raw material prices


Spot price of cobalt sulfate The rapid decline and the increasing supply of low-priced goods aggravated market panic, and the downstream wait-and-see sentiment became increasingly strong. The big factory quoted about 55,000 yuan, and the actual transaction stuck to the 50,000 yuan/ton mark. The four cobalt market has recently increased inquiries but the intended price is low, which is far from the manufacturer's quotation, and the trading center under the buyer's market has gradually moved downward.


The market mentality is generally pessimistic about the price of lithium salt, and downstream cathode material manufacturers take a small amount of lithium carbonate purchases. In the multi-time mode, even for long orders, the volume is locked and the price is not locked to prevent price changes.

News: On March 13, Altura issued an announcement announcing its entry into commercial production. Its lithium concentrate production capacity was 220,000 tons, which was shipped out on the first ship in October 2018. In recent weeks, the production capacity has climbed to 84% of the designed production capacity and has reached 95% since March. Gravity separation and flotation have been gradually optimized, and the recovery rate has increased from the previous 57% to 67%, gradually approaching the 80% target.

Anode materials

The lithium iron phosphate market feels significantly warmer than the same period last year, regardless of whether it is a lithium iron phosphate cathode material manufacturer The increase in operating rate of the battery, or the increase in the demand for lithium iron phosphate cathode materials from battery factories. Compared with long-term orders, there are fewer spot transactions. Although the policy of subsidy retreat is approaching, the major lithium iron phosphate cathode material manufacturers said that they did not feel any significant purchase changes in downstream battery factories.

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