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NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)--
In the laboratories of major computer manufacturers, academic institutions and start-ups
Ups, researchers are looking for the next big thing about laptop batteries.
PC manufacturer of HPPackard (Charts)
Toshiba and Silicon Valley-
Researchers are developing alternatives to lithium-ion batteries that are common in today\'s laptops.
Although many of these technologies have long been in manufacturing, they have been pushed to the spotlight due to the constant turnover of lithiumion batteries.
\"Before the lithium-ion battery problem becomes mainstream, the chances of a replacement battery gaining a foothold are much higher than a year ago,\" said Carmi Levy, an analyst at Info -.
Technical research team
Almost all major computer manufacturers including Dell (Dell (Charts)and Apple (Charts)
Up to 9 recalls.
6 million lithium
Ion notebook battery made by Sony (Charts)
Worried that they might overheat and cause a fire (
See correction below).
Recently, Fujitsu said last week that one of its laptops had overheated and burned the hands of a user.
A company that wants to benefit from the recall is zinc-based power.
The company produces silver-
CEO Ross Dueber says zinc batteries that do not contain lithium or other flammable liquids will not explode.
Consumer electronics are burning.
Is this really acceptable in terms of the safety and brand awareness of equipment manufacturers? \" he said.
This is not only due to safety concerns, but it also raises interest in alternatives.
The consumer electronics industry has long been looking for a battery that can run longer after a single charge. Toshiba -
Sony was also recalled. made lithium-ion batteries -
A prototype has been developed for the fuel cell laptop battery, which generates power from a chemical reaction rather than plugging into a power outlet.
Prototype can run 8.
Duke Dang, Toshiba product manager, said the company\'s goal is to prepare an effective commercial product in 2008 or 2009.
Al Pan, a scientist at HP Labs, said that while real demand for technologies such as fuel cells has not really started, recent fires have shown that people are pushing lithium ions to their limits, the research arm of Silicon Valley computer manufacturers is also working on fuel cell technology.
Industry experts say consumers are unlikely to find new batteries in the laptop market for at least the next few years.
First, lithium-ion batteries are relatively cheap, and any new technology faces the task of producing at the price consumers expect, analysts said.
Donald Sadoway, professor of materials science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that new technologies are often not popular with open arms.
He has been working on lithium polymer batteries that keep lithium in solid state rather than in liquid state, making them more stable and able to withstand more heat.
But consumers are more likely to see changes in existing lithium.
Sadoway said Ion technology had emerged before battery manufacturers and computer manufacturers made a new leap to a new technology.
Also, Rob Enderle of Enderle Group, a technical consultancy, says consumers are taking the attitude of \"don\'t fix it if it doesn\'t go bankrupt\" and don\'t really ask for a replacement.
Although the number of batteries recalled is amazing, there are very few cases of actual fire.
Dell recalled four units.
2 million battery, but only received 6 cases of overheating.
Sony insists that it is rare for lithium-ion batteries to catch fire and says manufacturing safeguards have been introduced to improve the safety of the batteries.
So far, the biggest computer maker doesn\'t look like it\'s going to transfer from lithium ion.
Dell says it has been evaluating new technologies but does not intend to abandon lithium-ion batteries in laptops.
John Wozniak of HP laptop engineering said there is no real commercially viable alternative.
\"Lithium ion will stay here.
\"Correction: An earlier version of the story was not corrected, indicating HP was involved in the battery recall. CNNMoney.
Com regrets the error.
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