The new national standard of the lithium battery industry is officially implemented

by:CTECHi     2021-07-10

The new national standard of the lithium battery industry, namely the 'Lithium-ion Battery Industry Specification Conditions (2018 Edition)' and the 'Interim Measures for the Administration of Lithium-ion Battery Industry Specification Announcements (2018 Edition)' were formally implemented on the 15th!

Carefully study the new national standard for lithium batteries. The government will strictly control new lithium-ion battery (including supporting) projects that simply expand production capacity and have low technical levels. At the same time, they must have production qualifications. The process, equipment and related supporting facilities should also meet the following requirements:

1. It should have the ability to detect magnetic foreign matter and metal impurities such as zinc and copper in the positive and negative electrode materials of the battery. The detection accuracy is not less than 10ppb.

2. It should have the ability to monitor the uniformity of the electrode after coating. The measurement accuracy of the electrode coating thickness and length should not be less than 2μm and 1mm respectively. The coating surface density is encouraged Online monitoring equipment.

3. It should have the ability to monitor the burrs after the electrode is cut, and the measurement accuracy should not be less than 1μm.

4. Electrode drying technology should be provided, and the water content control accuracy should not be less than 10ppm.

5. It shall have the automatic production capacity of electrode winding or lamination, and the control accuracy of electrode alignment shall not be less than 0.1mm.

6. It should have the ability to control environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and cleanliness during liquid injection.

7. It shall have the ability of on-line detection of internal short circuit high voltage test (HI-POT) after battery assembly.

8. For a battery pack composed of multiple single cells or modules in series and parallel, it should have the ability to evaluate the consistency of the open circuit voltage and internal resistance of the single cells, and measure The accuracy is not less than 1mV and 1mΩ respectively.

9. It shall have the capability of on-line detection of the battery pack protection board function.

Due to the implementation of the new national standard, the popularization of lithium batteries has been accelerated, but at present, with the exception of some enterprises, most lithium battery factories are striving for economies of scale. Everyone knows that the manufacturing of lithium batteries is completely different from lead-acid batteries: Lithium batteries (from cathode materials to batteries, to PACK) must have more capital and technology investment, which is completely technology, research and development, capital and management. Intensive industries.

It is understood that the current domestic production of cathode materials to batteries, and then PACK industrial chain production enterprises only account for about 20% of the entire lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, which also means After the new national standard for lithium batteries, 80% of the brands may be significantly affected.

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