The new cathode material 'MF-18' can increase the energy density of lithium batteries by 80%

by:CTECHi     2021-08-05

At the Japan Smart Energy Week, which opened on February 27, Xia Xiaoming, technical director of Japan Hydrosol Co., Ltd., showed reporters the new cathode material 'MF-18' for lithium batteries.

This new type of compound is a nano-scale material synthesized using a mixed precursor and deposition method.

Currently, the best ternary electrode materials for automotive lithium batteries are NCM (nickel cobalt manganese) and NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum). The new cathode material 'MF-18' has the advantages of safety, high energy density, and good low temperature performance. It can increase the energy density of current lithium batteries by 80%, and the charge and discharge can still reach 75% under minus 50 degrees Celsius. The performance exceeds all previous cathode materials.

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