The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announces guidelines for the construction of power battery recycling outlets

by:CTECHi     2021-09-19
On November 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website reported that in order to promote the recycling of new energy vehicle power batteries, guide and standardize the construction and operation of power battery recycling service outlets, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formulated the 'New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Service Network Construction and Operation Guide' (referred to as 'Guide'), and announce it. The 'Guide' importantly puts forward the requirements for the construction, operation, safety and environmental protection of new energy vehicle waste power batteries and discarded echelon battery recycling service outlets. The 'Guide' puts forward seven general requirements, including new energy vehicle production and echelon utilization companies to build or authorize recycling service outlets, and the two parties can also jointly build recycling outlets; strengthen the tracking of waste power batteries, and recycling service outlets shall not be unauthorized Disassemble it; set up guidance information such as obvious reminders and schematic diagrams of operating procedures; recycling service outlets must keep records of battery type, source, quantity and other related information for three years for future reference. In terms of construction, the 'Guide' requires new energy vehicle production companies to establish collection-type recycling service outlets in their sales and areas; companies with more than 8,000 vehicles must establish storage-type recycling service outlets, and collect the waste power of the recycling service outlets The storage capacity of accumulators is not more than 5 tons, and the storage type is not less than 30 tons. The 'Guide' stated that if the established recycling service outlets do not meet the requirements, rectification must be completed within 6 months. (Text/Car Home Weng Meng)
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