The lithium battery industry under the capital frenzy still needs to be broken

by:CTECHi     2021-07-22

From the traditional battery to the rapid growth of the emerging lithium battery business, Narada's layout in the lithium battery field has penetrated into the two major areas of new energy vehicles and energy storage.

As for capital, what is it doing? Everyone knows what capital is doing. There are many typical capital operations. The development of some representative domestic enterprises is still very rapid. We have heard the slogan 'Do not need subsidized batteries'. So don’t companies need subsidies from the beginning?

It is understood that many companies do it without subsidies, which proves that we can also make electric vehicles and power batteries. Why are some domestic alliances and cooperation not working? In fact, a large part of it is due to the impact of the 30,000-kilometer rule. The capital in this really played a role.

Let’s look back at the history of electric vehicles and take a look at the history of three times that electric vehicles have entered our country. The first time was in 2003, the second time was in 2008, and the third time was in 2014. In 2014, the national subsidy policy was promulgated and the industry developed by leaps and bounds.

From a technical point of view, the first is cars, and some cars are modified. The second is the battery. A bad battery means that the system is not well done, and the car and the system cannot be matched. To this day, I think it is the electric pile that affects the battery. On the whole, I think Chinese batteries are getting better and better, especially the leading companies.

We believe that the follow-up of the follow-up companies is also relatively fast, and also invested a lot of research and development. But what's so difficult about batteries? Compared with the 2.0T engine, it is still much easier. I think this is what we need to transform and transform in this field. I think that lithium-ion batteries are a relatively mature manufacturing industry today, but the equipment is particularly large, because you have to do crafts and refrigeration every day.

Lithium battery electrodes are the most important thing, so we have made changes and improvements in equipment and equipment, and we need to make continuous and automatic modifications. So in this, we are also innovating, and we can also give some guidance to the industry.

Next, I think that capital investment depends first on scale, and second on artificial intelligence, to see who uses it best. If the next generation of equipment does not have artificial intelligence Equipment, it will be backward.

Innovation and artificial intelligence will be the most important development direction of our future battery manufacturing field. In the future, we will make higher-performance batteries that can discharge better continuously. The battery is much easier than the engine, and the electric car is also much easier. It is very possible to build cars on the Internet in the future. Autonomous driving is the core of the future. If Mobike does not produce bicycles, and if autopilot is successful, then they have integrated cars. I think everyone still has to consider the changes in the future pattern in the next step, but one thing is that this industry must not regress, but can only move forward.

We specialize in battery manufacturing. In 2013, we made the battery into a soft pack. Energy saving is a requirement of electric vehicles, energy saving and emission reduction is also a requirement of us, and also a requirement of our competition in the world. In the future, I think we will still do a soft package. There are some issues that are not complicated, but it is difficult to decide.

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