the inventor of the lithium-ion battery invents an even better one

by:CTECHi     2020-01-11
John Goodno has achieved more from 94-year-old hot machinery manufacturers than most.
In 1980, he and his colleagues worked in Oxford and invented rechargeable lithium --
Ion batteries are the cornerstone of today\'s electronic devices.
To this end, he has received more awards and honors than anyone would like to receive.
But Goodno is not a man who rests on his own honor.
More than 30 years later, Goodno, now a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, invented a better ubiquitous lithium --ion battery.
Goodenough\'s new battery has three times the energy storage of the standard battery and a higher life span.
As an extra bonus, the battery will not explode like lithium
Ion batteries can.
The new battery is solid.
Status, which means there is no liquid component in the battery.
Traditional lithium
The ion battery consists of a solid cathode and anode, separated by a conductive liquid electrolyte.
The solid of Goodno
The National battery replaced the liquid with a more efficient glass compound. A solid-
The state battery not only has a small explosion risk, but also has a much faster charging speed. With a solid-
Instead of the status battery of the lithium battery
Ion, charging can be done in minutes instead of hours, which is beneficial for people to charge their phones and electric cars.
Although this battery may be a game
The replacement of the electronic device, do not expect to see it on your mobile phone or car soon.
New innovations in battery technology have many huge obstacles between development and production, so it may take a long timeif ever-
Before the invention of Goodno went public.
But Goodno has done it once, so hopefully it\'s just a matter of time before he\'s solid --
The industry uses national batteries.
Until then, all we need to do is continue to use our weaknesses and firepower.
Easy-to-bend Goodenough battery on a better version.
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