The importance of lithium battery pack protection board for electric bicycles?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-29

With the improvement of people’s living standards, electric bicycles have been widely used as the most common means of transportation. In recent years, electric bicycles have attracted more and more people due to their light weight, high speed, and ease of use. Consumers are paying more and more attention. More than half of office workers use electric bicycles as a means of transportation to and from get off work. Electric bicycles are so popular. Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will learn the importance of lithium battery pack protection boards for electric bicycles with everyone.

When consumers buy electric bicycles, they are mainly based on high quality and low price. The price is basically proportional to the quality of the item itself. As the price drops, the safety of electric bicycles is of course also reduced. The battery pack that has the greatest impact on safety issues is a time bomb for low-quality electric bicycle batteries.

A battery pack is composed of multiple cells, and the energy density of each cell is similar. If the battery has an undetected problem during the inspection process before leaving the factory. Or if you do not strictly follow the testing standards, it is very possible to install batteries with a large difference in density in the same battery pack. So, in fact, a safety problem has arisen. When we charge, it may take 6 hours to fully open the battery pack. If the energy density is the same, then there is no problem. If the energy density is different, the battery with low energy density is fully charged, but the battery with high energy density is not fully charged. If the indicator light does not jump, the battery will continue to rush down, and the battery with low energy density may be charged. But if the manufacturer chooses a high-quality lithium battery protection board, the rechargeable battery protection board will allow each battery to maintain a balanced charge, so the battery will be relatively safe during normal operation. Therefore, the existence of each electric bicycle lithium battery pack protection board is related to the personal safety of each consumer. But a battery pack accounts for one-third of the cost of the entire vehicle. Only by reducing the cost of the battery pack can the price of the entire vehicle be fundamentally reduced. Even in the same manufacturer, the quality of the battery is not uniform, and the quality is basically reflected in the price. When we are buying electric bicycles, when we buy them at a low price, basically one of the parts is not of good quality.

So, Chuangfa warmly reminds everyone that when buying an electric bicycle, you must ask about the quality of the battery, and don't taste a greater loss for the sake of small bargains.

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