The hidden dangers of ternary lithium batteries should be paid attention to

by:CTECHi     2021-08-21

While the new energy automobile industry is growing rapidly, it has unavoidably brought some hidden dangers.

The most eye-catching thing recently is a series of spontaneous combustion events.

Five cars continue to spontaneously ignite

On March 26, a Tesla modelX was in Huijing, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Spontaneous combustion in the underground garage of Xincheng District;

On April 21, a Tesla ModelS in the underground garage of a residential district in Xuhui District, Shanghai suddenly ignited and exploded;

On April 22, a Weilai ES8 spontaneously ignited under maintenance;

On April 23, a new energy vehicle The section of Suizun Expressway (Suiyang-Zunyi Expressway in Guizhou) spontaneously ignites;

In the early morning of April 24, near Wuhan No. 1 Middle School, a white BYD e5 ignited its tail. Fire.

The successive fire incidents of new energy vehicles have caused new energy vehicles to be questioned.

Spontaneous combustion has its own reasons.

The fires of these new energy vehicles have their own reasons:

According to the explanation of the Tesla owner who caught fire on April 21, a fast charge was carried out at the Tesla Supercharger a few hours before the fire; considering the Tesla Supercharger in March 2017 Similar spontaneous combustion accidents occurred at the charging station, this fast charging is likely to destroy the stability of the battery and become the cause of the fire.

The Tesla that caught fire on March 26, according to the owner’s feedback and accident photos, showed that there was a clear rubber burning smell at the scene, and the burning area was very concentrated (the front wheels were safe and sound. The wheel is completely damaged, and the inside of the car body burns violently), there is a possibility of damage to the bottom battery pack and cause deflagration.

The cause of the fire in the Weilai ES8 is also available for investigation: the Weilai ES8 has had many quality accidents before, and there are three common types of lithium batteries (ternary lithium batteries, Among the lithium iron phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries), the ternary lithium battery used in the Weilai ES8 has high battery life but low safety.

The use of ternary lithium batteries under the premise that the overall layout has potential safety hazards, spontaneous combustion accidents are also expected.

The BYD spontaneous combustion incident has nothing to do with the battery: after investigation, the car’s fire was found in the trunk, and the battery was intact.

This proves that the burning part has not spread to the battery pack from beginning to end, and the burned material is relatively isolated from the rest of the vehicle.

This means that this incident is likely to be some flammable items placed inside, and the cause of the accident has nothing to do with the battery.

In 2018, there were more than 40 spontaneous combustion accidents of new energy vehicles: most of them were caused by ternary lithium batteries.

Frequent spontaneous combustion accidents are ultimately caused by the flammable and explosive chemical characteristics of ternary lithium batteries.

For the sake of higher subsidies, most car companies have a preference for ternary lithium batteries with higher energy.

When the number of new energy vehicles continues to increase to tens of millions, continue to use ternary lithium batteries on a large scale, and the annual spontaneous combustion accidents may rise to thousands; Imagine what a terrifying scene five years later, when electric cars parked downstairs by residents catch fire every few times.

Several successive fires have burned the market value of tens of billions of new energy vehicles. The subsidy era is coming to an end, and it is time to make a new choice: which one is more important, safety or battery life?

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