The future of single-cell lithium battery protection chip

by:CTECHi     2021-08-13

With the improvement of people’s living standards, electric vehicles and communication tools have become indispensable life tools for people, such as electric bicycles, mobile phones, etc., and in order to ensure the safety and durability of single-cell lithium batteries, each Lithium batteries need to be equipped with corresponding protection chips, and each lithium battery will have a lithium battery protection board that is inseparable from it. Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will learn the future of the development of single-cell lithium battery protection chips with everyone?

The lithium battery protection board chip can effectively prevent the battery from overcharging, overdischarging, charging/discharging overcurrent and short circuit conditions, and ensuring the normal use of the battery. The Automotive Electronics Ru0026D Center of the Institute of Microelectronics conducts research on the protection of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short-circuit current of single-cell lithium batteries. On the basis of multiple MPW tape-out tests in the early stage, the project team overcomes the problems of 3 feedback loops formed by Bandgap and BIAS, such as interactive startup, ESD withstand voltage, detection accuracy and package yield, and successfully developed a variety of low-power, Low-cost, high-precision single-cell lithium battery protection chip (the structural frame is shown in Figure 1).

The single-cell lithium battery protection chip developed by    has the functions of overcharge, overdischarge, discharge overcurrent, charge overcurrent, short circuit detection and 0V charging permission/prohibition. The chip contains multiple modules such as comparators, oscillators (frequency 1KHz) and logic circuits. It adopts a fast-start circuit design to eliminate the peak effect of output voltage during the start-up process. The power supply voltage range is wide (2V-5V) and the power consumption is extremely high. Low, power consumption 3μA in working mode (VDDu003d3.9V, typical value), maximum power consumption in sleep mode 0.1μA (VDDu003d2V), core indicators such as detection accuracy, detection range and power consumption exceed similar international products, related Achievements have been applied for invention patents, with independent intellectual property rights.

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