The first domestic lithium battery pure electric aluminum alloy high-speed ship launched for trial

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

In recent years, the Shipbuilding Industrial Park of Yuanjiang City, Yiyang, Hunan Province has taken the environmental improvement of Dongting Lake as an opportunity, firmly grasped the concept of 'green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountainsupgrade. Among them, the shipbuilding enterprises represented by Hunan Haiquan Yacht have vigorously entered the field of new energy, and have successively developed new power ships such as solar luxury cruise ships, pure electric aluminum alloy high-speed boats, pure electric animation boats, etc., which has opened up for the manufacture of water tourism boats. First of all, it has also played a good role in promoting the ecological environmental protection of the rivers, seas and lakes suitable for shipping in my country.

It is reported that on January 11th, three new lithium-powered yachts independently developed by Hunan Haiquan Yacht Co., Ltd. were undergoing quiet trial sailing on the misty South Dongting Lake. One of them is the first domestic HQ1850 pure electric aluminum alloy high-speed boat named HQ1850. It does not have the huge machine roar of traditional diesel yachts. Compared with ordinary new energy boats, it has faster speed, more stable navigation, and superior performance from all over the country. Tourists from all over were surprised.

'I came here to experience this new ship. It feels great. I hope I can promote it to the world so that people in other countries can also experience it. Good product.' Joseph, a buyer from Nigeria, is very satisfied with this pure electric high-speed ship.

It is understood that traditional diesel-powered ships have high fuel consumption, low power conversion rate, and relatively high transportation costs, especially the pollution caused by the driving process is very alarming. In an environment that emphasizes air pollution control and water pollution control, inland rivers and lakes shipping ships are in urgent need of transformation and transformation.

'New energy ships, whether in terms of environmental protection or operating cost savings, are quite comparable.' According to Hunan Haiquan Yacht Co., Ltd Li Jianbo introduced that the HQ1850 pure electric aluminum alloy high-speed boat is powered by a lithium iron phosphate energy storage system and driven by an electric motor. According to actual ship calculations, under the same main engine power condition, the operating cost of the ship is only about one-third of that of an ordinary diesel ship, the noise is only 65 decibels, and the average annual CO2 emission can be reduced by about 1.5 tons, which fully reflects the low noise of the ship , Low vibration, zero pollution, zero emission and other characteristics. At the same time, the ship is a catamaran with excellent wind and wave resistance, small wave making and stern waves, and a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, breaking through the bottleneck of slow speed of ordinary electric ships.

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