The Engineer\'s Proposal Ring

by:CTECHi     2019-12-06
Engineers are too technical and sometimes they are misunderstood for romance.
I don\'t agree with the idea that engineering has its own art.
As far as I am concerned, I believe it is always unique when it should show how much you love your girl.
I accept that platinum is the best material for a proposed ring, but why not put the brain on the creative side and see how some basic electronics make beautiful proposed rings.
As we know, there are two answers to each proposal, either Yes or No.
If the answer is led glowsSo, then the main challenge is to make an electronic ring that will light up when you put it on.
All items used are easily accessible and fully recycled and recycled.
You will get ferrite from the old ballast and another ballast in a local broadcast store, and the cost here is 0.
$15 in total, you need to buy from a local gas station or hardware station, you need the following tool selection, obviously it will be a button cell because of this CR-
The 2025 lithium battery, commonly known as a button battery, is a 3 volt battery that looks like a coin.
Environment-friendly, ideal for cameras, calculators, watches, toys and other electronic devices to work at low and high temperatures.
With this high power lithium technology, it provides reliable maximum power and life value for small devices.
Battery Specification CR2032 battery provides a perfect combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply.
The CR2032 battery is highenergy, coin-
Battery lithium batteries that last longer than silver-
Oxide batteries are ideal for use in watches, medical devices and other electronic products.
Suitable alternatives for brands such as Duracell®, Yongbei and Panasonic®.
These batteries provide a longer shelf life for backup energy, with ideal temperature resistance and excellent storage capacity.
This lithium coin battery guarantees the best performance throughout the life of the battery.
The CR2032 battery is ideal for cameras, watches, electronic agendas and games, as well as calculators.
Battery Specification sag10 battery is a button-like alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1. 5V.
AG10 battery is 1.
5 v Alkaline button battery for small electronic devices.
It is a popular Alkaline button battery commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys and watches.
Battery Specification AG13/LR44/l115 4 battery is the main battery, notrechargeable.
The AG13 battery is a small economic alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1. 5V.
This Alkaline button battery provides your device with a long power Life and excellent continuous power supply.
It works effectively at low and high temperatures.
Alkaline battery is a battery that uses manganese and zinc to produce a reaction. it is an economic substitute for silver oxide batteries, and it can also provide large capacity and long-term use.
The battery specification slr2032/LR2025 has a large capacity, but this is the winner due to the smaller size of AG10/AG13, but how to make the voltage from 1. 5V to 3.
0VA joules thief is a circuit that absorbs every point of an electronic device
Extract the chemical juice from the battery and drive more output than the battery voltage.
It is a self-oscillating voltage booster and is a DIY torch project used to drive led at a height of 1 point. 5V battery .
How does it work?
The circuit works by switching transistors quickly.
Initially, the current begins to flow through the resistance, secondary winding, and base-
The emitter junction enables the transistor to start conducting collector current through the primary winding.
Since the two windings are connected in the opposite direction, this causes the voltage in the secondary winding to be positive, which makes the transistor open at a higher bias. This self-
The feedback process will almost immediately turn on the transistor as much as possible (
In the saturated area)
Make collectors-
The transmitter path looks basically a closed switch (
Because VCE will only be about 0.
1 volt, assuming the base current is high enough).
As the main winding effectively passes through the battery, the current increases at a rate proportional to the supply voltage, divided by the inductance.
Transistor switch
Depending on the supply voltage, off occurs by different mechanisms.
Since the super simple video of make helped me make the thief of joules, the steps are as follows: now the first challenge is to install all the circuits on one ring, when I saw the pipe tightening ring at home, I was thinking a lot of materials to choose from, such as wires and pvc rings.
This is perfect for my building as the opening of the ring itself is a challenge because I want it to turn on the led when it is in hand. in-
The answer is yes.
Why is it rejected, I guess?
The foil will be damaged after some use (
It did damage when it was made: P)
The buttons are great for this, but the challenge again is to use a very small button.
And how the trigger will be completed.
Luckily I have some old salvage ipod buttons that come in handy and I use them to build. The last thing is to stick everything on the ring together.
I glued the ferrite core with glue first.
Then stick the transistor and resistor to half of both, and then add the switch to the opposite side of the ring.
So when it was worn out due to pressure the switch was pressed and the ring sparkled and the answer was \"yes\" and my sister and I decided to run some light with the ring, so we tested it for 10 seconds and 100 iso exposure in a dark room.
We did some random exercise and we got the result.
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