the end of batteries?500 miles on a 5 minute charge - unlimited solar power storage

by:CTECHi     2021-07-03
For decades, the weak links in the chain of electric vehicles, mobile phone innovation, laptops and solar panels have been unable to use them properly due to lack of battery technology and energy storage.
All of this seems to come to an end with some of the very promising technologies that are currently being developed.
There\'s a start in Cedar Park, Texas.
This seems to have developed a very promising technology that is likely to change the way we store electricity, wind and solar energy for these technological wonders of the 21st century.
The company is EEStor, Inc.
Its new technology is based on solid state supercapacitor;
Unlike the battery, the battery does not use any chemicals.
However, its design cannot be accurately described as a super
There are also capacitorsUltra-
The capacitor has an obvious advantage over the electrolytic battery in terms of the ability to instantly absorb and release charges, without any degradation of its components.
However, the battery has an advantage in the ability to store a lot of energy at a specific time. EEStor\'s ultra-
A capacitor is called an EESU or an electrical energy storage unit.
The meaning of EESU is that it combines the best technology in both technologies.
The progress of EESU is based on a
EEStor claims that the titanium insulator increases the specific energy of the device, far exceeding the energy that can be achieved by today\'s super capacitor technology.
EEStor originally developed its solid-
The National EESU technology is a lighter, more durable and greener electronic storage unit for a wide range of devices and industries.
Part of their vision is also to promote the transformation of wind and solar energy from PV to major power providers, so renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in the growing production of energy demand.
EEStor claims that this new progress allows for a specific energy of about 280 watts per kilogram.
This is more than double the state-of-the-art lithium.
More than ten times the ion technology and leadacid batteries.
This will allow the electric car to charge for five minutes and travel 500 miles.
With the current average of 50-
Charge 100 miles at night.
Equally important, EEStor says they will be able to scale
Produce these units at a fraction of the cost of conventional batteries.
Ian Clifford of ZENN Motor Co, an early investor, said the battery industry was \"a paradigm shift \".
He also has the exclusive right to use EESU technology in electric vehicles.
\"The fatal weakness of the electric vehicle industry is energy storage.
Nevertheless, this will make the internal combustion engine unnecessary. \"ZENN Motor Co.
Not the only company to bet on the new technology. Lockheed-
Martin, the world\'s largest defense contractor, has also gained the right to use the technology in military applications.
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of the largest venture capital companies, has invested heavily in the project
The advantages of this breakthrough technology have been fully affirmed.
If a claim is made by EEStor, Inc.
This is true, it will be equivalent to a brand new post
The age of battery technology.
The company also claims that the technology can be scaled up or down for almost any application.
The technology can be used for small devices like pacemakers, mp3 players, and solar panel arrays.
These energy storage units can actually completely change the use of solar energy in the industrial use of solar energy and the residential use of solar panels.
Combining this technology with the latest advances in the efficiency of solar panels could leave millions of Americans completely out of the grid.
For a few elites, running completely out of the grid will no longer be, but now it can really be the target of the public.
If the technology can achieve results, it can almost completely change all aspects of energy storage.
It seems that all of this is not enough because it is based on solid state structure and does not rely on chemicals, so the technology is safer and greener than the current battery technology, and consumers will benefit from an ultra-unparalleled life span. capacitor.
EEStor has said they plan to launch their first production unit later this year, while ZENN Motor Co hopes to use EESU Ultra-by the fall of 2009-capacitor.
If the technology fulfills its promise, it will not only be friendly to the environment, but will eventually break OPEC\'s strangulation of the US economy.
We can finally see the end of $4 a gallon.
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