The domestic lithium battery energy storage power station with the largest single capacity successfully passed the first quality inspection

by:CTECHi     2021-08-11

A few days ago, entrusted by the National Energy Administration, a group of experts from the Renewable Energy Power Generation Project Quality Supervision Station carried out the first and ground-based quality supervision and inspection of the Jinjiang 100 MWh-level energy storage power station project contracted by Fujian Academy of Engineering.

The expert team carried out detailed inspections on key operating parts such as the main control and power distribution unit building, the foundation treatment construction of the energy storage battery building, and related safety management and quality management. , And according to the on-site inspection, held a symposium with the participating construction parties, asked about the relevant conditions and matters in the project construction process, checked the original and process engineering materials in detail, and believed that the project complied with the relevant provisions of the national infrastructure construction procedures, and the design complied with the project The mandatory provisions of the construction standard stipulate that the overall quality behavior is regulated.

The general contracting project of the pilot demonstration project of the energy storage power station is located in the provincial equipment manufacturing base Jinjiang Anhai Park. The energy storage power station system has a rated power of 30 MW and a battery capacity of 100 MW. Watt-hour, using lithium iron phosphate battery, is currently the largest single-cell capacity in China, and is currently the station-type lithium battery energy storage power station with the highest access voltage (110 kV). The construction of the power station will provide various services such as peak shaving, black start, and demand response for Jinjiang local grid operation, effectively achieve grid peak reduction and valley filling, alleviate peak power supply pressure, promote new energy consumption, and provide new solutions for the safe and stable operation of the grid way.

It is reported that after the main structure of the main control and power distribution unit complex and the energy storage battery building were topped off on April 15, the main building of the project has entered the renovation and construction stage. , To ensure that batteries and electrical equipment are installed according to the schedule.

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