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by:CTECHi     2020-01-28
The hydrogen nickel battery is composed of hydrogen ions and nickel metals, and the power reserve is 30% more than that of nickel metal.CD battery, lighter than nickelCD battery, with longer service life, no pollution to the environment and no memory effect.Disadvantages of nickel-Hydrogen batteries are much more expensive than nickelThe performance of Cd battery is worse than that of lithium battery.
Lithium-ion battery is a battery with high energy density.Lithium-ion batteries are also a smart battery that can be associated with a special original smart charger to achieve the shortest charging time, the longest life cycle and the largest capacity.Lithium battery is currently the best performance battery.
Same size \\ rnickel-Nickel-Cd batteryHydrogen battery has the advantages of maximum power, lightest weight, longest life, short charging time and no memory.There are two main rechargeable batteriesAcid Battery and alkaline battery.Nickel currently usedCadmium, nickelLithium-ion batteries are alkaline batteries.
The positive material of NiMH battery is nioh, and the negative material is hydrogen storage alloy.Usually 30% KOH aqueous solution, a small amount of \\ rNiOH is added.Non-diaphragm using porousNon-woven or nylon non-woven.
The NiMH battery has two types, cylindrical and square.NiMH battery has better low powerTemperature \\ rdischarge characteristic, even in-20 \\ rambient temperature, discharge using high current (1C discharge rate), release \\ rof current can also reach a nominal capacity of more than 85%.However, the storage capacity of \\ rNiMH batteries will drop from 5 to 10% at high temperature (40.
This is due to the discharge (the higher the temperature, sinceDischarge rate) causing capacity loss \\ ris reversible, some charges-The discharge cycle can be restored to the maximum capacity.\\ RNiMH the open voltage of the battery is 1.2 v, same as NiCd cells.The charging process for NiCd and NiMH batteries is very similar and requires constant current charging.
The difference is mainly in the fast charge Termination detection method in order to prevent charging.The charger charges the battery at constant current while detecting the battery voltage and other parameters.When the battery voltage slowly rises to the peak, the NiMH battery is quickly charged to terminate, and when the battery voltage drops for the first time, the NiCd \\ r batteryV is terminated when fast charging.
To avoid damage to the \\ r battery, it should not start charging when the battery temperature is too low, \\ r when the battery temperature is lower than 10, \\ r should be transferred to trickle charging mode.When the battery temperature reaches the specified value, the charging must be stopped immediately.According to metal powder supplier of that negative activity material by cadmium oxide powder and four oxidation two iron powder of iron oxide powder is the role of the cadmium oxide powder has higher of diffusion coefficient prevent caking, increase the capacity of the board.
The positive plate active material of NiCd battery of nickel-cadmium battery is made of nickel oxide powder and graphite, which does not participate in chemical reaction, and its main function is to improve the conductivity.The active substance is wrapped in the perforation and formed after compression forming at the positive and negative poles of the battery.Board \\ ralkali-PVC corrugated board is resistant to rubber insulation rods or piercings.
Usually in potassium hydroxide solution.
Compared with other batteries, the NiCd batteryDischarge rate (1)e.The battery is tempered when not in use.The NiCd battery during use, if the discharge is not complete and charged again, will not release all energy the next time it is discharged.For example, release 80% electricity and then fill it up, \\ rbattery can only send out 80%.
This is the so-Called memory effectOf course, several full charge/discharge cycles will bring the NiCd battery back to normal.\\ R due to the NiCd battery memory effect, if it is not fully discharged, it should be charged before each battery discharge to 1 v below
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