The development prospects of lithium-ion battery industry

by:CTECHi     2021-07-09

With the vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles, the rapid growth of energy storage demand and the accelerated popularization of digital electronic products, my country's lithium battery industry has ushered in an explosive period of development, and the prospects of the industry are optimistic by all parties. The Bijie lithium battery industry is mainly concentrated in the Bijie Economic Development Zone. The development zone is a provincial-level economic development zone, and its leading industries are new energy (lithium batteries), automobile manufacturing, and new building materials. In 2013, it was awarded the title of 'National New Energy Automobile Industry Demonstration Base' by the Ministry of Science and Technology; in 2016, it was awarded the title of 'National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base·Auto Industry' by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Since the planning and development of the lithium battery industry chain in 2017, Bijie has now signed 23 lithium battery industry projects, 18 have been put into production, and 5 are being prepared in the early stage. The industrial chain covers projects such as batteries, polymers, power batteries, button batteries, cathode materials, electrolytes, and anode material additives. Nissan produces more than 1.2 million lithium batteries of various types. In 2017, the lithium battery industry achieved an industrial output value of 1.78 billion yuan; built 1 national Ru0026D center and 3 provincial Ru0026D centers (engineering centers), and cooperated with the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences under construction in Southwest China Advanced Battery Research Center. Since 2017, Bijie City has explored the establishment of a “five-decided and one-built” industrial chain investment method of “determining the industrial chain, setting precise policies, setting plant areas, setting target enterprises, setting investment promotion teams, and building development platforms”, insisting on government promotion and Simultaneous market allocation, target enterprises and existing enterprises, adhere to the parallel of industry selection and green development, strive to draw a good industry map, accurately locate investment, and strive to build a lithium battery new energy industry base. For a long time, Bijie has carried out comparative investment promotion, proactively launching door-to-door investment invitations, knocking door-to-door investment invitations, and in-depth analysis of the environment of lithium battery companies based on local policies, resource endowments and factor environment, as well as the background of potential investors, etc., and formulating expectations can persuade companies to move to Gimhae. The investment promotion plan and negotiation plan for the development of the Huxin District will ensure that the lithium battery industry chain is completed in a relatively short period of time. At present, 70 target companies located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Mianyang and other places have been accurately locked, 30 of which have signed investment agreements with an agreed investment of 7.5 billion yuan; 8 have investment intentions, with a total output value of 900 million yuan. ; There are 62 non-investment intent enterprises, with a total enterprise output value of 4 billion yuan. Bijie seizes the opportunity of major global consumption upgrades and major adjustments in the energy structure, focusing on the broad market for the development of new energy industries, relying on Chongqing, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities to vigorously develop the new energy automotive industry, and Bijie Economic Development Zone as its support Support, with the guidance of early settled companies such as Guihang and Juneng, and determine the lithium battery industry as the leading industry. Bijie chose the new energy (lithium battery) industry as an important starting point for the construction of a modern industrial development pilot zone and an open poverty alleviation pilot zone, and strived to promote the continuous development of the inland open economic pilot zone in Guizhou. Since the planning and development of the lithium battery industry chain in 2017, Bijie Economic Development Zone has successfully introduced a number of lithium battery industry projects, successfully built a number of new energy research and development centers, successfully realized the development of lithium battery industry clusters, and introduced more new energy (lithium battery ) Project to promote the smooth implementation of Bijie City’s strategy of poverty alleviation and construction and implementation of the new development concept demonstration zone. On September 9th, at the 2018 'Guizhou Fair' New Energy (Lithium Battery) Industry Development Seminar and the First New Energy (Lithium Battery) Jinhai Lake Forum, Zhao Jinsheng, Chairman of the China Battery Industry Association, said that in recent years, China’s After a period of 'explosive' development, power lithium batteries have gradually shifted to a stage of rational development. While seeing the achievements they have achieved, they should calmly observe the overall problems that need to be resolved in the development, which is likely to cause rapid development of the industry. Risks should arouse great attention and be guarded against to ensure the healthy growth of the regional new energy industry. At the same time, overheated investment in a certain period of time, we must pay special attention to the inevitable blindness and repetitive construction projects; in the face of the risk of structural overcapacity, we should strengthen the analysis and research on the existing enterprise market and management situation to avoid Some companies are experiencing survival difficulties or affecting the disorderly development of related industries in the industrial chain. 'The new energy industry is an industry with great development prospects. We should increase research and development efforts around the country’s encouraging policies for new energy, continue to learn, continue to upgrade, master new knowledge, become familiar with new fields, and open up new horizons. Through learning, Win the initiative, gain advantages, win the future, and push the lithium battery industry to a higher level, and create more social value.' said Shao Junhua, general manager of Henan Fanlaite Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of Duo Fluoride Group. For a long time, Bijie has been in strict accordance with the State Council’s 'Thirteenth Five-Year' National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, and based on the development of the existing new energy (lithium battery) industry, combined with actual conditions, extended thinking and careful planning. Grasping the law of the survival of the fittest in the market, researching and solving new problems, introducing new energy power battery high-tech research and development and manufacturing with the most favorable policies, so that Bijie has become a leading source for the development of new energy power battery high-tech industry in western China.

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