The demand for lithium battery pack industry is growing rapidly, and the industry has great potential for development

by:CTECHi     2021-07-14

The demand for the lithium battery pack industry is growing rapidly, and the tens of billions of blue ocean market is a new journey. In recent years, the development potential of the lithium battery pack industry is huge, the demand is growing rapidly, and the future trend prospects are great. Today we are going to learn about the lithium battery pack industry structure, output, and some aspects of recycling.

Lithium battery packs are secondary battery batteries that realize commercial applications

Lithium battery packs can be divided into Primary battery and secondary battery. Primary batteries are non-recyclable batteries; secondary batteries are repeatedly charged and discharged and recycled, such as lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium-ion batteries that have achieved commercial applications. Lithium ion batteries refer to secondary batteries that use two different compounds that can reversibly insert and extract lithium ions as the positive electrode and the negative electrode, respectively.

Lithium battery pack production situation

China is one of the main producers of lithium-ion batteries. Data show that in 2014, China's lithium-ion battery output reached 5.287 billion, accounting for 71.2% of the world's total output, ranking first in the world for ten consecutive years. In 2016, my country’s annual output of lithium-ion batteries reached 7.842 billion, an increase of about 3 compared to the 2.687 billion in 2010

Analysis of lithium battery industry structure

Consumer batteries are the largest application field, accounting for 88.4% in 2012, and falling to 49.84% in 2016. But it is still the largest application field in my country; power batteries have suddenly emerged, accounting for 6.94% in 2012, rising to 45.08% by 2016, and huge development potential; energy storage batteries are still waiting to be used, accounting for 4.62% in 2012 and accounting for 2016 5.08%, growth needs to be improved.

Echelon utilization + dismantling and recycling, a new journey in the tens of billions of blue ocean market

From the perspective of demand, lithium battery packs The energy storage supply at the cascade utilization end brought by the decommissioning and recycling can be completely digested by the market. It is predicted that my country’s newly installed photovoltaic capacity will be 79.5GW in 2020. Considering that renewable energy power generation equipped with energy storage systems will account for 5%-20% of the newly installed capacity of photovoltaic new energy power generation installations, the capacity-to-power ratio is 2-4 times, and 2020 can be calculated. The annual demand for new renewable energy power generation and energy storage systems can reach 23.85GW.

In 2025, the potential scale of my country's annual new cascade utilization will reach 33.6GWh. The power grid's demand for economy in peak shaving and valley filling, the explosive growth of distributed photovoltaic installations, and the acceleration of the deployment of electric vehicle energy storage and charging stations have all contributed to the rising demand for cascade utilization.

Energy storage electrical lithium battery packs are widely used in:

Small computer rooms, weak current rooms and other room sub-systems, new energy Outdoor sites, communication base stations, indoor and outdoor non-air-conditioned sites, radio and television, military, petroleum and meteorological and other unmanned sites.

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