The core technology in the field of battery management of Gaote Electronic-SOC/SOH

by:CTECHi     2021-07-04

Why is SOC diagnosis important? ---If the current actual capacity of the battery is not accurately understood, it is impossible to predict the reliable power supply time of the battery, and it is impossible to know the true health status of the battery.

Gote Electronics SOC diagnosis algorithm, establishes an expert model of battery multivariable input, comprehensively analyzes battery SOC, and improves detection accuracy.

The self-learning correction based on the number of discharge cycles, depth of discharge, OCV, internal resistance, current, and temperature is suitable for various complex application environments.

Case 1: An electric vehicle with 100 strings of 60Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries

Operating time October 12, 2013 to December 20, 2015, operating mileage of 80,000 kilometers, SOC detection accuracy reaches 5%

Case 2: An energy storage power station, 216 strings of 100Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries, a total of 10 groups

Operation time February 12, 2014 to 2016 On February 12, SOC accuracy reached 5%

Got Electronics has achieved leading results in battery SOC/SOH diagnosis technology, and has more than 50 invention patents, which have been applied In the company's various products.

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