The concentration of power lithium battery companies continues to increase

by:CTECHi     2021-09-20
As the national new energy vehicle subsidies become stricter, the cost of raw materials for power lithium batteries continues to increase, financial pressures continue to rise, and the technical threshold for power lithium batteries continues to increase, the battery industry has now entered a period of adjustment and differentiation and reshuffle, showing strong The stronger the weaker and the weaker the weaker. “In the first nine months of this year, the market concentration of the power lithium battery industry has been further improved. Data shows that the top five companies have occupied 78.2% of the market share, of which the top one and two companies have exclusively occupied 65.1% of the power lithium battery supporting facilities. The market leaves small and medium-sized companies with very limited market space. How to make a way of survival in these limited time and market space may be a difficult problem that will test our company for a period of time in the future.' Said with Liu Yanlong, secretary general of the Physical Power Industry Association, at the 2018 Third International Power Lithium Battery Summit (CbIS2018) held recently. The concentration of companies continues to increase. “The speed of the power lithium battery industry is very fast. In 2015, there were about 150 or 60 power lithium battery companies that supplied batteries to vehicle companies, but this year is expected to be only 50 or 60.” Liu Yanlong Said that the decline of government subsidies and the rapid increase of technical thresholds are important reasons for the acceleration of the power lithium battery agglomeration effect. 'If the company does not have the technical strength, it will lose customer resources and withdraw from the industry.' It is understood that the total market share of the top five power lithium battery companies in my country currently accounts for 78.2%, of which the top two Ningde Times and BYD’s market share is 42% and 21%, and the companies ranked 3-5 also have a market share of 3-5%. The industrial market concentration has further increased, and the company's leading effect is clear. 'The increase in company agglomeration can prevent duplication and wastage of market capital, which is good for the development of the industry.' Qin Xingcai, vice chairman of China Electric Power Co., Ltd., told reporters that it is necessary for Chinese companies to break through in the international market. Increase technology investment and increase battery specific energy in order to remain invincible in the competition. 'There are more than 200 power lithium battery companies in China, all of which have their own technical routes, and the capital investment in technology is huge. But with the competition Many companies have withdrawn from the market at present. The technical strength of these companies is average, which is a kind of duplication and waste from the perspective of capital. 'Market segmentation becomes a way out for small and medium-sized companies' 2017-2020 This is the adjustment period for the power lithium battery industry. After 2020, the industry will develop relatively rationally. During the adjustment period, finding the right development route is the top priority for the company.' Qin Xingcai said in an interview with reporters that the current power The struggle on the 'battlefield' of lithium batteries has been very fierce. Major mainstream companies have cut the 'big cake' of the market. Small and medium-sized companies want to not be eliminated from the competition, and market segmentation is the way out. Liu Yanlong holds the same attitude towards this, he believes that small and medium-sized companies should clarify market positioning as soon as possible, and identify market segments to make efforts. 'Small and medium-sized companies can appropriately find some niche, relatively mildly competitive market segments as their target markets. Small boats can turn around. Sometimes small-scale companies have more advantages in this respect.' But product quality is what it is. The key to winning consumers. 'The company itself still has to enhance technology and improve product quality, which is the most fundamental way to win in the market.' Qin Xingcai told reporters. The future share will be concentrated in the top 10 companies. The increase in the concentration of the power lithium battery industry is leading to the accelerated demise of battery companies on the market. 'How many power lithium battery companies will be left by 2020?' Fang Jianhua, president of the new energy vehicle venture capital sub-fund, raised a sharp question. 'I think the industry concentration will be further improved in the next few years. By 2020, the domestic power lithium battery market share will be concentrated within 10 companies.' Liu Yanlong made a bold answer to this and predicted, 'With the full subsidy With the decline, the power lithium battery market will be fully liberalized. In the future, foreign companies such as Samsung, LG Chem, and Panasonic will also carry out large-scale production layouts in China. In the future, market competition will become fiercer, leaving small and medium-sized companies more than space in the market. Smaller, the pressure will be greater.” In this regard, Liu Yanlong suggested that large domestic power lithium battery companies should strengthen technological innovation, master core and cutting-edge technologies, accelerate high-end production layout, and at the same time strengthen vertical cooperation with industry chain companies to form close cooperative relations. ; Small and medium-sized companies should clarify market positioning as soon as possible, and identify market segments to make efforts. 'At present, domestic policy adjustments are relatively fast. In addition to following the policy, the company must practice its internal skills and establish its own differentiated positioning. In this way, it may have its own market position in the fierce competition in the future.'
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