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by:CTECHi     2020-01-19
Running, camping, skiing, hiking or night trips-Time stumbled (
To the hut at the bottom of the garden;
Home from the bar)
: If you may find yourself outdoors after dark, a torch is your lighting friend.
It should be in the drawer of each home, so its use is universal.
First of all, these small and bright lights attached to your forehead are designed with outdoor activities in mind.
\"Even if you think you will only be out during the day, then you should carry one with you as a necessary safety precaution in case you get stuck,\" suggested at night --
Time runner and adventurer Rory Southworth
In fact, he suggested carrying two: your main torch and an extra super
Light head torch in emergency kit.
The key to attention in the head torch is brightness (
In terms of lumens-300, it should be good enough for all, except for the most adventurous activities)
Beam distance (
Ideal adjustable)
Long battery life (essential), weight (
The lighter the better)
And ease of use (
Don\'t be too fidgety, especially when it\'s cold).
Additional features such as red light night vision (
Unlikely to scare off wild animals or scare off other members of your team)
In addition, it is worth considering the tilt function of dimmer function, intelligent memory, safe installation and flexible beam focusing.
Then the weather-proofing.
The head torch is rated according to their ability to withstand water, so IPX4 means splash prevention (
It should be OK to walk or run)
IPX6 means that it can explode in water (
Should be for paddleboarding)
And IPX8 can be submerged (
Should be applicable to paddleboarding, error).
When testing the best head torch in the market, I considered all of these factors.
This is what I found, starting with my favorite. . .
The reason we like it: BioLite has an enviable ecology
The Warrior, and the most comfortable.
Camping or night jogging musthave£49.
99, Amazon bio is leading in environmental protection
Friendly kit powered by clean (er)energy.
It all started with the invention of the biomass smoke-free camping furnace, which they now produce a range of products, including headlamps No-Bounce.
The selling point of the torch is its smart rechargeable 900 lithium ion battery, which eliminates the need for a single batteryuse batteries (
Therefore, mining, processing and frequent disposal of materials such as lithium and copper)
All of this does not add a lot of weight to the unit.
BioLite\'s head torch is only 69G, much lighter than the rest of the rechargeable head torch I reviewed.
This is the most comfortable part because the battery is located in the back of your head, balancing the weight of the light tied to your forehead.
I found a slim design (9mm)
I sat comfortably on my forehead without digging in and the straps were easy to adjust and fit for comfort.
I can hardly feel it there compared to my competitors.
These straps are made of smart fabric that will let the sweat flow out of your head (
If you are excessive, clean them with warm water and soap
Play yourself).
I \'d love to run a marathon with this thing (
Let\'s not surpass ourselves though).
The rechargeable USB battery does not reduce the power of the lamp itself, and the lamp itself is capable of reaching 330 lumens and glowing at a distance of 75 metres.
At that brightness (This is a lot)
The battery will last 3.
5 hours-it\'s not great compared to the other head torch I reviewed, but the bio satellite has five settings to reduce the brightness, and when you reduce the brightness, your battery life has increased
The minimum setting, 5 lumens, will glow for 40 hours.
The LED indicator on the battery will warn you when you short (
At this point, the power bank may come in handy).
It has a lock mode (
Press the power button to activate for 8 seconds)
It\'s almost necessary, said Southworth: \"You certainly don\'t want your head torch to turn on accidentally in your bag and the battery runs out.
\"The same power button rolls in the mode of the lamp, including the red floodlight with a wide beam, the white floodlight, the separate white spotlight and the flash function.
The smart memory feature means that every time it is turned on, it automatically switches to the settings used last time.
The LED panel is tilted to three angles, which is useful if you need to look out or focus on obstacles in front of you or under your feet.
It has a splash-proof, weather-resistant rating of ipx4.
I chose blue-green but it also has gray, orange and red color.
It also won my points because of style, and it doesn\'t seem inappropriate whether it\'s on a holiday or on a mountain.
In addition, it is packed very small and can turn into a hanging lamp when connected to BioLite\'s light diffusion bag. Ingenious.
It comes with a 1 year warranty (
Registration required)
If you are not satisfied, you can make a full refund within 30 days.
The reason we like it now: a practical, affordable
A player who climbs, runs or walks.
95, AmazonPetzl is one of the more popular head torch brands for good reason: they tend to be both affordable and well-made, which is always a good combination.
Petzl Actik certainly performed well on paper.
Its maximum power brightness is 300 lumens and the distance is 90 m for 60 hours, impressive.
Under the low setting of the five lumens, it runs for 260 hours, and the floodlights wash the broad field of view.
So, on both accounts, it\'s better than the bio-satellite.
In terms of actual safety precautions, it also helps me a lot: reflective headband helps you to be seen from all angles in the dark, if you find yourself in need of rescue, it is equipped with an emergency whistle.
Actik is powered by a \"hybrid concept\", which means you can use three standard AAA batteries or a large-capacity core rechargeable battery from Petzl.
If it\'s not because you have to buy a rechargeable Petzl core battery separately (£23. 10 at Amazon).
Another reason why I ended up choosing bio-satellite instead of Actik is that Petzl\'s product weighs 92G, so it weighs a little bit.
Feeling bulky and old
In contrast, it has a cold, hard plastic feel, a bit heavy on the front.
You can easily rotate it up and down to adjust where the beam is pointing, but it makes a lot of squeaking noise (
Invisible is not ideal).
That said, these three settings are easy to navigate through a large button above the LED light, which makes life simple (
Especially if you panic or have a few drinks).
If you don\'t need such a bright Max setting, or if the budget is tight, the Max lumens for the lighter Petzl Tikka is 200 instead of 300 (£19. 95, wiggle. co. uk).
Then super-
Pet zl e-light 50 lumens
Lite, only 26g in weight, Southworth is recommended as extra back
Prepare for an emergency-but it\'s not bright enough to be used as your main torch (£23. 40, gooutdoors. co. uk).
Whether it\'s black, green or blue, Petzl Actik is guaranteed for five years.
The waterproof grades of Petzl Actik and BioLite head torches are the same, ipx4.
Its design is not as seamless as bio-satellites, but it is an option to use.
Cotswold outdoor unit, now buy 32.
ComThis head torch has the most impressive waterproof performance I have ever tried, with a waterproof grade of ipx8.
As far as I know, I feel safer because I know that if I get stuck in a thunderstorm, throw it in a puddle or fall off a canoe (you never know)
It won\'t be the end of it.
Its maximum brightness is 325 lumens (
Beam distance of 83 m)
As bright as I think I need.
In terms of energy, it is powered by standard AAA batteries.
The weight of the battery and the head torch together is 86 grams, which is not too much trouble, but you need a set of spare parts for a long trip.
You can use the dimming function to set the brightness from the maximum of 325 lumens to 6 lumens, which you can see at a brightness of 6 m, and can tilt up and down to adjust the beam.
I like the flexibility and the fact that I can adjust the brightness so much.
It is important that it has the lock function I like, which is crucial to prevent accidental battery exhaustion.
It also comes with a 3-year warranty.
Buy a good thing, especially when you use it around the water. Buy now£69. 95, ledlenser-store. co.
UkAt 600 lumens, capable of projecting 200 m forward, the LED lens MH7 is a very bright head torch.
If you are looking for one of the smartest torches in the market, this is for you.
I found my view very clear in the highest setting: I could see every detail and feel like I had a pair of glasses on.
However, this is very anti-social-because it is totally dazzling to look directly.
Extreme brightness means it\'s good. suited to gung-
It may be adventure, like adventure, but jogging in the suburbs at night is not so easy.
The on-site setting makes a neat, round, round-
Focusing the beam can easily tip up and down to focus on objects in the distance.
The twisted baffle attached to the lamp means that you can make the beam larger or smaller (
Just like adjusting the camera lens).
But all of this has a big drawback: 139g is almost twice the weight of a biological satellite.
What we\'re talking about here is not huge weight, so it\'s not the end of the world, but it\'s lighter and better, according to the rule of thumb.
The straps on the top of your head ensure your bonce (
Once you have adjusted them-you have to look around to get two straps so that it is placed tightly on your head every time.
It really messed up your hair).
This is a hybrid headlight as it comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery (
The USB cable is magnetic and it\'s a good touch)
As well as regular disposable batteries.
The hybrid option is an important consideration for me personally: when using only rechargeable batteries, I don\'t believe I won\'t lose the USB cable, although it\'s easy to get standard batteries in most stores, to replace the USB cable, you may need to order it online.
Both are good insurance policies.
You can remove the led lamp head for use as a flashlight if you need it.
It\'s equipped with a 7-year warranty -
But actually, the defining feature is that this head torch is much brighter than any other torch I tested.
Buy £ 30 now, MilletsAnother another USB rechargeable lithium-
The flame of the ion battery head has a brightness of up to 230 lumens (
Not bad, but in the dark environment of the rocky terrain, you might prefer to choose a little brighter)
110 hours battery life (reassuring)
And adjustable beam angle.
The front is a bit heavy and the light unit of the head sticks to my forehead.
You can turn the torch itself on and off by going through the clip at the back, and I\'m afraid it\'s not the safest mechanism-it\'s a bit of a hassle to turn it on and off.
Its weight is 90 grams, so it is about third more important than the bio-satellite headlights.
However, it has surpassed BioLite and Petzl Actik with its higher IPX6 water density rating, which means I don\'t have to worry about wet weather or run or hike at night, don\'t put it in the stream.
If you give it up, it can also resist shocks up to 1 m.
Just like BioLite, since it can only charge, you have to rely on the USB charging cable to power it.
It has 7 lighting modes (including SOS)
The beam length range is 15-85m.
All you need to do is press and hold to switch between the White LED and the red LED and between the lighting mode.
In short, it\'s not bad for the price --
But I prefer others. Buy now£18.
80, with the highest settings, AmazonAt has only 150 lumens, and the USB rechargeable Vango photon is not an excuse for the brightest head torch available.
However, it may be a nice gadget as it can be easily removed from the top of the pack and clipped to your clothes, helmet or backpack.
If you find yourself riding a bike or walking along the road at night, this versatility is useful for safety.
Although I like its adaptability, it is a blessing and a curse, because when you put it on, the elastic wire that it is connected to is very troublesome, I accidentally broke it off my headband several times.
There are two settings for easy use (high -
150 lumens, low45 lumens)
And flash settings as well as red lights.
Vango focuses on camping and leisure equipment, not high adrenaline sports or adventures.
To be honest, I will miss the Vango photon. Buy now@harry. t.
\"At sunrise and sunset, the best light of photography is not mysterious,\" Baker said.
Getting up at four o\'clock A. M. is difficult enough not to fumble in the dark on the way up or down the mountain!
You can use a normal hand torch, but let the light move to where you are looking and be prepared to put your feet there, which protects the ankle.
It can free your hands for walking bars, ice shafts, especially your camera.
\"The other benefit of the head torch for photographers is that they are perfect for illuminating the foreground area.
If you\'re shooting astro
Photography, they can be used to take pictures of people shooting their heads into the night sky.
\"I personally use Petzl Tikka at a reasonable price (£19. 95, wiggle. co. uk)
, I prefer flashlights with replaceable batteries instead of rechargeable ones so I can carry as many spare parts as I need (
I rarely need to replace the battery on this torch).
It has only three light settings, but this is everything I need to get in and out of the location safely so far.
Because I always put the camera down and put things in and out, if I lose the mention card, the replacement will not be too expensive, and I can send another one from Amazon the next day.
@ Jamesmichaelforrest \"I like to travel light and fast when I am exploring outdoors.
I used the Petzl Bindi torch.
It has little weight-only 35g-so I barely noticed it in my bag (£32. 95 -£67. 00, Amazon).
But it can still produce 200 lumens of light, so it\'s bright enough to meet all my needs: whether I\'m camping high up in the Lake District, finish the hike in Snowdale after dark, or just read in bothy, Scotland.
There are many other excellent features.
USB charging means I can boost battery power on the mountain with my portable power group instead of fiddling with the spare AAA battery while a lumens Red battery
The light \"approach\" mode is perfect for reading without draining the charge.
Comfortable and easy strap
The head torch also looks good.
But the most important thing is the price.
On some sites, the price of Petzl Bindi is only £ 35, which means you can spend more money on adventures.
James Forrest is the author of mountain man: 446 Mountain. Six months. One record-
Break the Adventure (Bloomsbury, 1699, Amazon)
@ Beckythetraveller \"I \'ve tried the head torch several times over the years, but it wasn\'t until I was hiking in Snowdale that I realized the importance of having the right torch.
After the start of the early morning of June, The Sun gave us enough light to deal with the first mountain, but at the end of the hike, at about eleven o\'clock P. M. , the sun disappeared and we fell into darkness.
I had the toughest hours of hiking in the dark until around 3.
Thankfully the sun is back and I\'m 30 years old.
The wrong thing is that I took the wrong torch and it was not strong enough.
It is well adjusted around my head and has a tilt function, so you can shine the light directly at your feet, or a little in the distance.
But the main problem is brightness.
Walking in the tent, or at night along the dark country road, I could have done it-however, hiking in the dark Carneddau mountains, the terrain was challenging and very difficult.
\"My best tip to pick the right head touch is to think about what you\'re going to do with it, will it be tough to hike in the evening, or just find the way to the toilet in the middle of the night while camping?
In the end, my best advice is to always carry some spare batteries with you no matter what torch you choose.
Any torch, from £ 10 to £ 100, is useless without electricity!
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