the amazing world of cell phones -

by:CTECHi     2020-04-28
Mobile phones, also known as mobile phones, are electronic devices for communication purposes.Voice or data communicate through a radio network through these phones.The mobile phone has all the functions of the ordinary phone, but also has a variety of special functions.History and Overview: The cellular network was originally proposed by Bell Labs in 1947.In Chicago, he was the first person to build a cellular network.After that, Japan launched its first mobile phone service in 1978.With the advent of the times, mobile technology has made great progress. in 1996, mobile phone giant Nokia launched the first multi-functional smartphone Nokiacommunicator, which has the functions of internet connection and email service.Mobile phone: mobile phone is a device used for communication purposes.Manufacturers around the world are producing phones with different functions.At present, Nokia has the largest share in the mobile phone market and is considered the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.Other major brands on the list of handset manufacturers include demotorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, etc.These phones work on rechargeable batteries to get power from current, solar, generators, car battery chargers, etc.Before using the phone, it needs to be activated with the SIM card provided by the mobile phone service provider, and the mobile phone service provider will also assign a unique number to your phone.Features of the phone: in addition to having almost all the features of a regular phone, the phone has a variety of other unique features, which makes them very useful in today\'s busy life.These features include music, mp3 players, built-in high-pixel static and movie cameras, personal organization functions, Internet connectivity with browsing and email features, different ringtones with built-in and download functions, bluetooth and infrared connection.It can also receive and send faxes if the phone is connected to the computer.In addition to the SMS service (SMS), the phone can also send pictures and videos through the multimedia information service (MMS.The use of mobile phones: mobile phones are now widely used by both civilians and government agencies.Government agencies widely use mobile phones in law enforcement, military and disaster management.You must pay special attention to maintaining culture and customs when using your mobile phone.Sitting in an important meeting using a mobile phone is not decent.In any funeral, library, or movie theater, you \'d better turn off your phone.Most schools and colleges restrict the use of mobile phones in their premises.Beliefs about health and environmental hazards and safety issues: from time to time, there are some concerns about the impact of mobile phone use on human health.There are already dermatological concerns, such as a rash in the user\'s ears and cheekbones, ear hearing problems, heart problems, etc.Environmental hazards such as electronic waste and security risks in the use of mobile phones have always been a concern.The number of accidents that drivers have had while talking with their mobile phones has increased.Road accidents are increasing when using mobile phones.High-rise buildings in the cellular network have also attracted the attention of aircraft and birds.No matter where you are, the great benefits of connecting in all places outweigh the shortcomings and health problems of the phone, and the number of mobile phone users is increasing.
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