The 95 million euro grant for LG's Polish battery plant was rejected

by:CTECHi     2021-08-26
According to foreign media reports, Poland plans to allocate 95 million euros (approximately 776 million yuan) to LG Chem to help it expand its electric car battery plant in Poland. However, EU state subsidy regulators have launched an investigation into the plan. EU officials questioned whether the support policy complies with EU regulations. LG Chem stated in 2017 that the company has invested more than 1 billion euros (approximately 8.164 billion yuan) of funds to increase the output of its Polish plant. Poland then managed to obtain the approval of the European Commission to allocate 95 million euros to the company. The EU competition enforcement agency (personally think it should be the 'EU competition commission' EUcompetitionenforcer) mentioned concerns about this supportive policy in Poland, especially: whether the subsidy program provides incentives for the expansion of the plant and whether the measure exceeds The scope allowed by the supplementary allowance. This investment will enable LG Chem to increase its battery output value to 65 gigawatt-hours, making the Polish plant one of the world's super-large lithium-ion battery plants. However, according to the EU Investment Bank, the agency supports the expansion project. If the project is implemented, by the end of 2022, this means that more than 1,800 jobs will be created in the Wroclaw plant in Poland, making the company's full-time employees more than 6,000.
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