the 12 best types of cases for your smartphone

by:CTECHi     2020-04-27
Of course, it will take you a while to decide when you change the situation of your phone, which is not surprising, there are so many options.Which one is best for you?In the past, this was actually an aesthetic issue that has become crucial for the protection of mobile phones, and in most cases it is almost an extension of our own body, and accompany us in any daily activity.The box is an indispensable resource for our mobile phone, such as the external battery of the mobile phone, the activity bracelet or the Apple Watch.There are covers for a variety of flavors and needs, and as it becomes more and more important to carry mobile devices with you, it is important that you know all the types that exist and choose the type that best suits you!The popularity of silicone coverage silicone case has increased a lot in recent years, when you personalize your phone, protecting the phone from the most common damage, such as the possibility of falling or bumping, the price of all these things is around 10 euros.This is the favorite choice for many users.Silicone covers are flexible, so their installation and replacement is very simple, but they cannot protect the mobile device from deformation as in other cases.

Rigid covers are especially useful because when placing the phone in a pocket or backpack, they can protect the phone from deformation, in addition to protecting the phone from common damage such as bumps and falls.In phones like the first version of the iPhone 6 when it was released, the risk of deformation is high, and they are essential.The customization options are very varied, from the option to respect the size and shape of the terminal to the option of a special design, the installation is very simple, although it is a bit uncomfortable to remove them in some occasions.

The 360 housing of the mobile device consists of several parts or parts to protect all parts of the device, including the screen.They provide effective protection for smartphones to protect all of their parts, so its installation is a bit complicated because they have several parts installed together and most often they are rigidDifferent colors and gradients have different designs, but there are no other types of cases to choose from.

The liquid protector of the electronic device screen consists of special liquids applied according to the manufacturer\'s instructions, leaving a thin layer of protective material on the phone or tablet screen to avoid any friction or accidental impact.While the most common thing is to find screen protectors, there are also beginning to be \"covers\" filled with this material, which can even take care of the camera lens.Its price is higher than in traditional cases and must be replaced after a certain period of time indicated by the manufacturer.
The application of the liquid protector is a bit complicated: you have to clean the equipment with the components provided by the manufacturer, then rub the product on its surface and place it for about 12 hours, during which time, it cannot be touched so that the liquid protector is dry.Because the materials are completely transparent, they do not change the design of the phone.

Mobile book covers are a very popular option, they are made up of a silicone sleeve attached to a \"book\" consisting of two flaps, it allows protected phones to be carried inside.They provide good protection against accidental damage and also cover the screen.As a very popular option, the design is huge in quantity and simple to install, just like the silicone case.They make the move bump more, thus allowing for a larger grip surface, and the features from one model to the other can vary greatly: some people have closed devices to prevent it from opening when they put it in a bag or pocket;And the straps that attach it to the wrist, as well as additional pockets or brackets, can place the mobile device vertically on the surface without having to hold it.

The covers are similar to the book covers because the mechanisms are very similar, but they are not opened like a book, but are opened vertically.Because they completely cover the device, they effectively protect the device from accidental damage and its installation is as simple as a silicone case.They can be found in a great deal of design and functionality, like book covers, and can also make smartphones bigger.

The sock cover is a small bag of soft textile material inserted into the phone.There are plenty of designs to choose from, and it\'s very simple to make even in a homemade way, but they don\'t provide good protection against damage.The moving cover on our case is similar to the sock case, but made of more wear-resistant material and filled to protect the device more effectively.It is necessary to use the device in both options, which may be a bit uncomfortable.

The wallet cover is like a book cover, but there are extra compartments in the case to carry more items, so there is no need to carry the wallet.The bag cover goes further, like a small bag that can be hung.Their performance varies from model to model, and there are usually straps that hold the device to the wrist, and the zipper or zipper holds things inside.Both options provide good protection and there are multiple designs to choose from, however, if you do not consider additional storage space to avoid carrying things in your pocket or wallet, this could be a bit of a hassle.

The charger cover or battery case is the case with its own battery and therefore has a built-in batteryin Powerbank.They are thick and have a limited design than other types of cases.They provide protection equivalent to a rigid housing, in addition, it can also be damaged if the battery of the housing is strongly hit.

The lid with the clip, allowing the mobile device to hang on the belt at any time without having to remove it from the pocket, also avoiding damage while sitting.Bracelet Sets are especially suitable for movement as they allow the mobile device to be attached to the arm without the danger of falling down and can be reached at any time.The lid with lanyard allows to carry the moving object of the neck, which is very useful for having it on hand and preventing accidental loss or fall.Most of these cases provide protection equivalent to rigid cases, and their designs are very diverse.

A wide range of designs and specifications
The anti-The Shock box is ready to withstand very strong shocks and drops, avoiding potential damage to the phone as much as possible.They are larger in size than mobile phones, simple to install, limited in design and have protective modules outside.

The waterproof housing protects the mobile device in case it gets wet and even falls into the water.By completely covering it, they can also protect it from sand, dust, and solid particles that usually go into the shell and damage it.These boxes are ideal if you want to go to the beach and are afraid to damage your smartwatchBooking or smartphone.The design of this type of cover is very diverse, from the oppositeAlso waterproof shockproof housing, covered with a plug to prevent the particles from entering the inside of the phone, to make the mobile floating cover when falling into the water, or to hang the cover on the neck with a transparent bag.

As you can see, there are covers with a variety of flavors, colors and needs.All you need to do is think about how you will use it to choose your Prince Charming!What is your favorite box?Will you add more to the list?If you are interested in buying cheap Apple laptops, photo printers or cheap Apple TVs in addition to the mobile world, please consult our online computer store.Remember to subscribe to our blog and receive all the tips, guides and basic information you need about the technology world every week!
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