Tesla's new battery production line debuts: power is increased by 6 times

by:CTECHi     2021-09-07
Recently, Tesla demonstrated for the first time its 4680 new battery and a battery production line called Roadrunner. Its chief executive, Elon Musk, also stated that 'complete electric cars will be produced in the same way as toy cars.' Tesla's 4680 new battery debuted at the 'Battery Day' event in September 2020, but Musk only showed its design through PPT. Now, Musk has shown the world the equipment that Tesla uses to produce this battery at the Fremont pilot plant. Tesla owner Owen Sparks (OwenSparks) noticed that Tesla's battery production line is similar to the canning process used by large beverage companies. Musk replied that they did have similarities, and praised the mass production for bringing inspiration to Tesla's battery production line. He said in a tweet: 'The best manufacturing technology is in the mass production industry, such as food and beverage, medical equipment (such as syringes) and toys.' Musk said last year that the Texas 'pilot' The factory' is already producing 4680 batteries in small quantities. In the latest display, Tesla's factory is being expanded and the company is also increasing its recruitment efforts. Recruitment materials show that Tesla is hiring talents in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, materials, equipment, and operations. As we all know, Tesla focused on production. Whether it is the production of the car itself or the production of the battery that powers it, Tesla is working hard to improve the production line to increase production efficiency, which will help the company quickly expand its scale to cope with the increase in demand. Many companies that produce electric cars have a high demand for batteries, especially Tesla. Although the company’s batteries come from Panasonic, LG Chem, CATL, etc., its goal is to produce its own batteries in facilities near the Fremont plant. Tesla may eventually control prices by gradually reducing purchases, create higher profit margins through vertical integration, and control supply through projected demand. The most expensive part of an electric car is the battery pack, and the cruising range directly depends on the quality of the battery. Due to better battery quality and advanced electric vehicle technology, Tesla has achieved a considerable lead in this field, but there is still much room for improvement. Looking to the future, the company hopes to mass-produce batteries so that the price will be equal to that of fuel vehicles. Tesla has formulated a detailed plan and claims that it will launch a self-driving electric car priced at $25,000 within a few years. In fact, this ultimately comes down to controlling battery costs. If Tesla can achieve internal battery production and scale expansion, it will have the opportunity to significantly reduce the price of its electric vehicles. Musk has said that the new 4680 battery will increase the energy density of Tesla electric cars by 5 times, increase the power by 6 times, and increase the cruising range by 16%. The new design not only brings greater benefits to the vehicle, but the battery is easier to manufacture and requires fewer parts. According to Musk, by reducing the distance the electrons must travel, in the larger 4680 battery, the battery has fewer heat dissipation issues and shorter path lengths. Musk admitted that Tesla's new car, battery design and manufacturing process have not been fully designed, and Tesla often misses the production goals set by Musk. However, Tesla is expected to eventually be able to produce as many as 20 million electric vehicles each year.
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