Tesla renews contract with Dahn and has developed a battery with a lifespan of 1 million miles

by:CTECHi     2021-09-07
According to foreign media reports, Tesla has renewed a five-year battery research contract with Jeff Dahn’s battery research laboratory at Dalhousie University. On January 18, Dalhousie University announced that their partnership with Tesla will be extended until at least 2026. In addition, Dalhousie University also stated that it has added two well-known scientists in the battery industry and will join the exclusive partnership between Dalhousie University and Tesla to develop electric vehicle batteries. Tesla ModelX Tesla stated that this will help them develop longer-lasting and more powerful EV batteries: 'We are very happy to expand our work with the two scientists. We look forward to their important contributions in battery technology. 'It is reported that the cooperation between Tesla and this Canadian university began on June 8, 2016, aiming to develop longer-life and lower-cost EV batteries. For many years, Tesla has been collaborating with Dan's research team to develop new strategies for electric vehicle batteries and lifespan. In 2019, Dan and his team announced the test results of a new type of battery. This battery is a lithium-ion battery, using a new generation of 'single crystal' NMC532 cathode and a new advanced electrolyte, which can enable electric vehicles to continue driving 1 million miles (about 1.6 million kilometers).
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