tesla cto: batteries + solar will lead to cheap electricity within 10 years

by:CTECHi     2020-03-21
Energy storage technology is the key to the popularization of solar power generation. at a large solar conference in San Francisco on Monday, a keynote speaker emphasized this: JB Straubel, chief technology officer of Tesla Motors.
On stage at the opening ceremony of Intersolar, Straubel praised lithium for its energy density and other advantages
Ion batteries for running electric cars and bank renewable energy, enabling solar and wind energy in-
Demand when the day is backward or the wind is weakened.
However, energy storage projects do not always need to be combined with renewable energy.
Utilities or grid operators in California and eastern United States either buy energy storage services or are prepared to act in accordance with regulatory regulations or help them run the grid smoothly.
Straubel said that the reduction in battery costs will exceed expectations, as will the demand for energy storage devices paired with solar panels.
This combination will create a stable flow of electricity cheaper than fossil fuel energy --
\"We are not far from the target,\" he said . \"
\"I\'m pretty sure this will happen in the next 10 years,\" Straubel added . \".
He is not surprised by the bullish outlook for the energy storage market.
Part of the reason he made this prediction is that Tesla plans to make a big lithium-
The ion battery plant in Nevada plans to start production of battery packs next year.
The plant aims to increase production capacity to 50 gigawatts
By 2020, it will run several hours a year, enough to run 500,000 Tesla cars.
The battery pack will use Panasonic batteries.
Two battery packs were installed in May, one for the home and one for the larger installation of commercial and utility customers.
Especially the home version of Powerwall, which looks stylish in design, you can show off and not hide in the corner of the garage.
It took the company a few years.
Engineering to adjust the battery pack to sell early-designed battery packs to solar panel installer SolarCity, who sees Tesla\'s CEO Elon Musk as its chairman.
Tesla did a great job creating buzz around its new battery pack and got quite a bit of pre-
Orders since the big opening two months ago.
Wholesale price of Powerwall announced by Tesla is 7 KW or 10 KW
Hours, $3,000 to $3,500.
These prices do not include inverters, which are essential for regulating voltage levels and converting DC current from battery to AC for use around the house.
The cost of installation will depend on who you hire to do the job.
For the average price of comparable system sizes, wholesale prices fall in a lower range.
The company plans to start shipping home battery packs originally produced in Fremont, California.
Factory this summer.
Tesla also sells these battery packs on its website.
Tesla is far from the only battery developer and manufacturer to focus on the emerging grid energy storage market.
Here is a list of 11 energy storage companies I have listed, including technology and project developers.
Many of them are at Intersolar this week and the company is having more panel discussions on energy storage than ever before.
This Wednesday afternoon I will be hosting a group on energy storage and a group on solar startups.
According to a GTM study released, 61.
In 2014, the United States installed 9 MW of new energy storage projects, with sales of $0. 128 billion, an increase of 40% over 2013.
The market may have quadrupled by another 220 in 2015. 3 megawatts.
Most of the energy storage projects installed in 2014 use lithium-
The average price to install each energy storage system is $2,064 per kilowatt.
Whether Tesla will play a key role in cutting energy storage costs remains to be seen.
The company certainly believes that it will be an important player not only in the grid energy storage market, but also in the electric vehicle market.
The electric vehicle battery can be doubled as a power grid energy storage device when the car is parked at home or at work, when connected to the power grid through a charging device.
\"Even if there are relatively few teams today, there are about 60, 00 cars in the world ,(
Tesla\'s car composition)
About 5 Giwa-
Hours of energy storage is connected to the grid . \"
\"Tesla will have millions of cars, or 70 gigawatts, which will take many years --
Storage time.
Straubel ended his conversation with a slide that quoted former Saudi oil minister Sheikh Yamani as saying: \"The Stone Age did not end because of the lack of stone.
The oil age will not end with a lack of oil.
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