tesla battery packs last longer than you\'d think -- a whole lot longer

by:CTECHi     2020-03-19
Concerns about battery exhaustion in electric vehicles may be unfounded.
According to Electrek, data collected by the Tesla owners group shows that the Model S battery pack is unlikely to degrade to less than 90% kilometers at 200,000 miles or even further.
Tesla owners in the Netherlands
The Belgian Tesla Forum is tracking 286 Tesla Model S owners worldwide.
The group updates information in the open Google Docs spreadsheet.
Obviously, from the data, most Tesla\'s battery packs maintain about 95% capacity after the initial 50,000 miles.
However, the degradation of the battery pack is very slow after the mileage, so it seems that the additional 5% degradation speed may take at least 150,000 miles.
The group has a large number of data and charts, including trend lines and outliers showing the results of aggregated data--
Those cars are far from average performance.
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Another factor that terminates batteries tracking in the collected data is the impact of Tesla\'s super charging station on battery pack degradation, if any ).
According to a chart on the forum, \"from the big trend, it seems better for batteries to charge more frequently than not.
One possible explanation is that in the process of charging the battery, the battery will heat up in a shorter period of time, thus reducing parasitic reactions.
\"At Tesla\'s annual general meeting this year, CEO Elon Musk mentioned a battery pack that they were testing, when it had a simulated mileage of more than 500,000 miles, still maintain more than 80% of the original capacity.
According to Electrek, Tesla has set a life target of at least 1 million miles of driving units.
If the battery pack can last that long, Holland-
Data from the Belgian Forum suggest that it may not be out of scope and there may be a lot
The future of Tesla.
Assuming that you are currently traveling 10,000 to 20,000 miles a year, if the data of the Tesla owner group is accurate, if it represents an indication of the battery pack of an electric vehicle ---
Two important ifs-
You need 50 to 100 to reach millions.
This way you can check the remaining battery power.
So maybe we can just care about expanding the charging infrastructure, not how long the battery will last.
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