Technological leaps German auto suppliers increase investment in solid-state batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-07

Lithium Grid News: According to Reuters, German automotive supplier Continental is currently considering increasing investment in battery production in order to compete with suppliers in Asia and the United States. CEO Elmar Degenhart accepted the European Automotive Weekly on Saturday 'Said in an interview.

Elmar Degenhart said: 'Mainland may increase investment in the production of innovative batteries, including the production of ordinary batteries.' However, he said that China will not Invest in lithium-ion batteries currently in use, but a new generation of solid-state battery technology that is expected to be put into production in 2024 or 2025. He said: 'We need to make a technological leap in battery energy density and cost. This type of solid-state battery can operate without liquid electrolyte, and its flammability is greatly reduced.'


Although European car companies are assembling batteries for electric vehicles, there are no substantial suppliers in the battery field in this region, and most of the battery production centers are currently concentrated in Asia.

The battery market is currently mainly used by Japanese companies such as Panasonic and NEC, South Korean companies such as LG and Samsung, Chinese companies such as BYD and CATL, and the United States Tesi Pull occupied.

Degenhart said that he hopes to share costs by seeking cooperation, and the cost of each plant is about 3 billion euros, which can supply 500,000 electric vehicles each year. In order to reach consumers, the mainland plans to build three factories, each located in Europe. America and Asia. He added that because of the high cost of local electricity prices, it is not considered to build factories in Germany, and pointed out that LG and Samsung have small battery factories in Poland and Hungary respectively, which are 50% cheaper than electricity prices in Germany.

Last month, the European Union organized high-level leaders from car companies, chemistry and engineering to discuss battery production and Ru0026D issues in the European Union. The European Union also indicated that it would provide financial support.

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