Technical index reference for lithium battery protection board

by:CTECHi     2021-07-16

1. Voltage protection capability. Overcharge protection: The protection board must have the ability to prevent the cell voltage from exceeding the preset value. Overdischarge protection: The protection board must have the capability to prevent the cell voltage from falling below the preset value. 2. Current capability ( Overcurrent protection current, short circuit protection) The protection board, as a safety protection device for lithium batteries, must not only work reliably within the normal operating current range of the device, but also be able to act quickly when the battery is accidentally short-circuited or over-current, so that The cell is protected. 3. On-resistance: Definition: When the charging current is 500mA, the on-resistance of the MOS tube. Due to the high working frequency of communication equipment, the low bit error rate required for data transmission, and the steep rising and falling edges of the pulse train, the current output capability and voltage stability of the battery are required to be high, so the MOS switch of the protection board is turned on When the resistance is small, the single-cell battery protection board is usually

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