Technical characteristics and development trend of lithium titanate battery

by:CTECHi     2021-08-28
In life, you may have been exposed to various electronic products, then you may not understand some of its components, such as the lithium titanate battery it may contain, then let the editor lead everyone to learn about titanium Acid lithium ion battery. Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium titanate used as the negative electrode material of lithium ion battery. It can be combined with lithium manganate, ternary material or lithium iron phosphate to form a 2.4V or 1.9V lithium ion secondary battery. In addition, it can also be used as a positive electrode to form a 1.5V lithium secondary battery with metallic lithium or lithium alloy negative electrode. Due to the high safety, high stability, long life and environmental protection characteristics of lithium titanate. It is necessary to comprehensively summarize the advantages and disadvantages of lithium titanate as a lithium anode material, including ultra-high safety, ultra-long life, high and low temperature work plan, high power, low cost, and environmental protection. Disadvantages: Lithium titanate has low data energy density, strong water absorption, and high requirements on the battery manufacturing environment. The production process should be updated accordingly. The new process requires investment in necessary equipment and higher humidity control, while using lithium titanate batteries. The market has not yet fully opened up. Lithium titanate has the characteristics of a three-dimensional lithium ion dispersion channel with a spinel structure, and has good power characteristics and high and low temperature functions. Compared with the carbon anode data, lithium titanate has a higher potential (1.55v higher than that of metallic lithium), which leads to widespread solid and liquid layers on the electrolyte surface, while the carbon anode is basically not formed on the anode. Once the traditional carbon electrode is overcharged after inserting lithium, metal lithium is easily deposited on the surface of the electrode, and the metal lithium will react with the electrolyte to generate combustible gas, which brings safety hazards. The potential of lithium titanate is higher than that of pure metal lithium, and the lithium crystal branch is not easy to appear, and the discharge voltage is stable. Therefore, the safety performance of the lithium ion battery is improved. A third-party organization once tested lithium titanate batteries and found that they did not emit smoke, fire or explode under strict tests (such as needle stick, squeeze, and short circuit), and their safety was much higher than other lithium batteries. Ion battery. Therefore, many people in the industry believe that lithium titanate is very suitable for military industries that require extremely high battery stability. In the current environment where the Chinese government is vigorously developing new energy and related industries, how to promote lithium titanate battery technology and its application in the electric vehicle and energy storage market is an opportunity for my country's lithium titanate battery industry. Many people do not realize that our country has intellectual property advantages in lithium titanate technology, while the mainstream chemistry of so-called lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries does not have this advantage. Most people in the industry have heard of the cycle process of lithium-ion batteries, that is, lithium titanate replaces graphite as the cathode material. The service life of this material can reach tens of thousands of times, which is much longer than typical lithium-ion batteries. Because most lithium professionals have never really started to produce lithium titanate batteries, or they encountered difficulties several times and ended up with nothing. Therefore, they did not spend time thinking about why most traditional lithium-ion batteries can make perfect batteries, but they can only last 1,000 to 2,000 cycles. Compared with carbon anode materials, lithium titanate has a higher lithium ion diffusion coefficient and can be charged and discharged at a high rate. While greatly shortening the charging time, the impact on the cycle life is small, and the thermal stability is also strong. According to the test, the lithium titanate battery developed with the latest technology can be fully charged in about ten minutes, which is a qualitative leap from traditional batteries. Excessive charging time has always been a problem in the development of electric vehicles. Generally, the charging time of pure electric passenger cars with slow charging is at least 4 hours, and the charging time of many pure electric passenger cars is as long as 8 hours. Fast charging of electric vehicles is the future trend, and consumers do not want to waste too much time waiting for charging. In the past decade, research on lithium titanate battery technology at home and abroad has been in full swing. Its industrial chain can be divided into lithium titanate data preparation, lithium titanate battery production, lithium titanate battery system integration and its application in electric vehicles and energy storage malls. The competition of lithium titanate battery technology in my country's various energy storage batteries (such as advanced lead-acid, sodium-sulfur, flow vanadium and other battery systems) should occupy the advantages of time, position and personnel. In terms of service life, the ultra-long cycle life of lithium titanate batteries is far better than that of various lead-acid batteries; its efficiency, cost and electrochemical performance are even better than those of sodium-sulfur and flow vanadium battery systems. The important market for lithium battery products has been portable electrical appliances such as mobile phones and laptop computers over the years. I believe that by reading the above content, everyone has a preliminary understanding of lithium titanate batteries. At the same time, I hope that everyone will make a summary during the learning process so that they can continuously improve their design level.
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