taking care of acer laptop charger

by:CTECHi     2020-03-22
An important part of the laptop is the battery charger, because your device will not work without power.
Of course, you can easily get a replacement when the charger is damaged, but when you are doing something important, it becomes expensive and troublesome.
To get the best performance of the Acer laptop charger, here are some simple tips: 1.
Before plugging the charger into any power outlet, check the voltage requirements of the charger first.
Do not use a laptop charger that is not compatible with your laptop. 2.
Avoid having the laptop connector tip touch any metal as it can lead to a short circuit that can damage the battery, or the worst case is the laptop itself. 3.
Don\'t forget to always unplug the laptop charger from the power outlet after charging the battery or using the laptop.
This also helps to minimize the electricity bill.
The downside is that overcharging the device can damage the battery pack and charger, resulting in overheating.
The laptop charger gets very hot when it stays charged for a long time. 4.
Put your Acer laptop charger in a safe place where water can\'t reach to avoid electric shock.
However, in the case of accidentally wet, do not insert them into the power outlet immediately without drying the charger first. 5.
Charge your laptop from flammable items such as curtains and sheets to prevent fire. 6.
Make sure the laptop charger cord is not too twisted. 7.
When removing the charger connector from the laptop, do not pull it casually, as this may cause the wires to loosen. 8.
Do not store the Acer laptop charger in a high temperature area.
Extreme temperatures such as extreme heat or extreme cold can cause damage to the charger.
Whether you have a standard laptop, a small netbook, or a touch screen laptop, there are various ways to handle these components to ensure maximum use and extend the life of your mobile computer.
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