Synthesis of layered LiMnO 2 as an electrode for rechargeable lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2020-01-15
Rechargeable lithium batteries can store more than twice the energy of other rechargeable batteries 1 and 2 per unit weight and volume.
They contain lithium ions in the electrolyte, lithium ions shuttle back and forth between the electrode materials, and are inserted into the electrode materials.
Sony\'s first commercially successful rechargeable lithium battery, launched in 1990, is made from carbon-
Based on the negative electrode, the multi-layer LiCoO2 is used as the positive electrode, and the non-
Liquid electrolyte.
However, the high cost and toxicity of cobalt compounds have prompted people to look for alternative materials embedded in lithium ion.
One is lithium ion battery, as a positive electrode material4-7, a lot of research has been done on it;
The cost of manganese is 1% lower than that of cobalt, and the toxicity is also small.
Here we report on the synthesis and electrical properties of a new material, layered lim2, which is structurally similar to lico2.
Charging capacity of Lim02 (∼270mAhg–1)
Compared with the stability of LiCoO2 and lithium oxide, the preliminary results show that it has good stability in the repeated charging cycle.
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