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by:CTECHi     2020-02-23
On Tuesday, Kam Power Systems announced the launch of a solar street light, which also contains lithium-ion batteries, which means that the street light does not need to be connected to the grid or can work during a Power outage.
In a press release, the company said: \"Sunway eliminates the need for expensive wiring compared to grid street lights, and continues to provide lighting even during power outages while providing zero electricity.
\"Due to the low efficiency of lead-acid technology, the solar street lamp industry has been suffering --
Street lamp based solution.
In January 2015, the government launched a national program for street lamps, with plans to replace three.
5 crore traditional street lamps are estimated to save 9 billion units of electricity per year.
According to the project\'s website, the government had replaced 750,780 street lights as of Tuesday, which would save about 99 million units of electricity.
New street light, which Sue
This is made in India and will have six models, ranging from 4w to 50 w, Kam said.
\"I think all the street lights in India should be solar-powered --
Power, \"Kunwer Kumar Dev, managing director, Su
Launch said at the press conference.
\"The weather in India is very good and there is plenty of sunshine.
However, we are aware that the traditional solar street lamps are inefficient and have high maintenance requirements and are prone to battery failures.
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