Special report on the electrical equipment industry: Lithium batteries have high nickel content. In addition to the positive electrode, we also have electrolyte

by:CTECHi     2021-07-29

Recently, there has been a large-scale rise in the midstream of lithium batteries, with the high-nickel ternary sector experiencing the largest increase. In order to increase the energy density, there is no doubt that the high nickel of batteries is the general trend. But unlike the market, we believe that in addition to the positive electrode material, the value and added value of the electrolyte link after the battery’s high nickel content will also be greatly improved. It may even be no less than the change in the positive electrode material from 523 to 811. Pay more attention to it! The high nickel content of batteries has brought huge challenges to the electrolyte. The high-nickel ternary positive electrode has strong water absorption and low stability. Under high temperature conditions, the catalysis of nickel will accelerate the decomposition of electrolyte, oxidize the electrolyte, generate gas, cracks in the pole piece and dissolve the transition of manganese, cobalt, etc. Metal ions can also damage the SEI film on the negative electrode, which will seriously affect the capacity, cycle, and safety of the battery in a high-temperature environment. The most important thing in the high nickel era is additives, and Xinzhoubang is temporarily ahead. Among the three major components of the electrolyte, the lithium salt and solvent have not changed much, and the key to improving performance is still the additive. In the era of high nickel, reducing the reactivity of the electrolyte on the electrode surface and improving the interface compatibility need to be solved by special additives. In recent years, Lifsi, DTD, RPS and electrolyte factory's own additives continue to emerge. For example, Xinzhoubang has developed the LDY196 positive electrode film-forming additive, which can inhibit the decomposition of electrolyte on the positive electrode and the elution of metal ions such as manganese and cobalt. , It also has a negative electrode film forming function, which can improve high-temperature storage and cycle performance. Based on this, two high-nickel electrolytes have been developed, which are used in cylindrical and soft-pack/square batteries. The cylindrical electrolyte has a capacity after 1000 cycles of circulation. Still above 80%. The amount of value is significantly higher than that of ordinary electrolyte, which brings profit flexibility. We believe that after the arrival of the era of high nickel, the profit elasticity of the electrolyte link may not be less than that of the positive electrode. At the end of last year, the electrolyte of ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries was 30,000-40,000 yuan per ton, the electrolyte of 523 three yuan power battery was 50,000-60,000 yuan per ton, and the electrolyte of 622 three yuan power battery was 60,000-80,000 yuan per ton. The price of 811 electrolyte will only be higher. Companies that take the lead in high-nickel electrolytes are more resilient to upward profitability. Continue to recommend Xinzhoubang. The company is an important supplier to overseas giants such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. It will also directly set up production bases overseas to support international power battery giants to enjoy the wave of globalization of electric vehicles; domestically, the subsidy standard will be switched after June. The upgrade to higher energy density is unstoppable, and the company's leading position in high-nickel electrolyte will benefit the most.

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